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Published:August 6th, 2006 12:29 EST
This is Your World Now - With Hillary Joines Vol. 4

This is Your World Now - With Hillary Joines Vol. 4

By Hillary Joines (Student Broadcaster)

Global SchoolNet – Linking Kids Around the World! 

Missed the Future – Well, Just Replay It! 

One thousand futurists from 34 countries participated in

"WorldFuture 2006: Creating Global Strategies for Humanity's Future"

in Toronto last week.  

And, of course, Global SchoolNet was there talking about the future of collaborative learning! 

Can’t we just all learn together??? 

Other hot topics included global warming, alternative energy, our evolving consciousness and how we will soon live beyond age 150!!  

Did you miss the future?? Not to worry!  

Your can still order the CD containing most of the conference sessions, download the audio to your iPod and the future will be yours

It’s a Bravenet New World! 

Hey – all you creative students and educators! 

Are you tired of being content consumers

          and ready to become content producers

Global SchoolNet is pleased to tell you about Bravenet, the free web host and web tool provider. 

Bravenet offers ready made tools for use on your personal web pages.

You can get a FREE website, guestbook, forum, calendar, and more than twenty other interactive web tools! 

Build it and they will come!  

Yes - It’s a brave, Bravenet new world! 

Hilites! Global Learning Projects from Around the World!

You know the world is always a LOT less FLAT when you join Global SchoolNet’s Hilites news list to find out about online projects from around the world! 

There are exciting new projects each week. 

For example,  

Travel buddy, Orin, the stuffed animal puppy, is getting ready to travel to each of the fifty US states. He will only stop to visit with one very special classroom in each state.  

Each class will send a postcard to the other classes to let them know that Orin has arrived safely.  

So – Woof, woof!

Sign up now if you want Orin to visit your classroom! 

It’s your world now! 

Get connected at