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Published:October 19th, 2006 12:03 EST
Chicago's Italia

Chicago's Italia

By Mike Magdziarz

Giovanni Marchi is the head of the Italian mafia in Chicago. The mafia is mostly concentrated in the South Side of Chicago. It`s very powerful and is impossible to avoid them. If you have a problem with them, you will wake up in the middle of Lake Michigan in a garbage bag. They can be friendly for a price. If you mess with the Italian mafia... Well let`s just say your next day won`t be very peaceful.

Giovanni was sitting in his office when all of a sudden, "Boss, Dante`s dead. We found him in a dumpster in the back of Genio`s East.

"This is very unfortunate, Luigi. He was a very important person to our organization. Take care of this at once." "There`s something else, Giovanni."

"What Luigi?" "The people who killed Dante, they kidnapped Maria, too. She was with Dante at the time, and..."

Giovanni cut him off, "Get outa my face!"

Giovanni was enraged with anger, but crying at the same time. He knew it was the Cubans or the Chinese or the Russians or maybe even the Irish. Giovanni would get his Maria back, no matter what it took. He might get beaten, captured, or killed but he will save the love of his life, Maria

After the news, Giovanni held a meeting. "Comrades, I have hated the news about Dante; his death is a tragic event, and a big blow to our organization. The death was obviously caused by one of our rivals."

"Russians, Chinese?" Several people shouted out other gangs and mafias.

"Settle down everyone. We will avenge Dante`s death by going to each mafia`s hideout and wreaking havoc on their organizations. We might even find Maria.

March 19, today was the day. Giovanni would lead his mafia into the territories of their rivals. Cubans, Russians, Irish, and Chinese, they all would be destroyed by the Italians.

"Ready, Boys?"

They walked up to the Irish hideout. "Hey, Patty, today, you die."

Then the sky lighted up in gun fire. Semi automatic machine guns roared in the building as the unaware Irish ran for cover and their weapons. When one was left, Giovanni walked up to the frightened Irishman, hit him with the butt of his rifle, pointed his gun at the Irishman`s head and yelled, "Where`s Maria!"

"I-I-I don`t know, who`s Maria?" the man stuttered.

"Wrong answer, buddy." Bam! The man was then flying up to heaven as the Italians left to the next rival`s gang hideout. The same happened when they went to the Chinese, They killed all but one and the lone man didn`t know anything.

The Cuban shoot-out was not the same, though. They knew they were coming; they were prepared. The Italians lost men this time; they had to call in reinforcements. Luckily, the Italians recently saved the head of the Polish mafia`s life after telling them the Russian`s plans. Giovanni called them, "Polskis, we need some help at the Cuban hide-out, bring the big guns."

In the blink of an eye the Polish came with their modified weapons, very painful nail guns, flame-throwers, and mini guns were destroying all the Cubans.

"Well, we killed all of them. Search the place, boys."

After a reckless search, the Italian-Polish alliance found no Maria.

"She`s not here boss," Giovanni`s firsthand man, Marco, told him.

"Thank you Marco. Men, we have destroyed all of our enemies except one. The Russians have most likely been notified and are ready for our attack. The Russians are the most ruthless and violent mob next to ours. They have a variety of weapons. We will lose men. And so will they; but if you die, you die a hero!" Giovanni rallied the men into an enraged alliance of Polish and Italian men. They would fight for him just because it`s what they believe in.

The Russians weren`t startled when the pro-Italian mafia came. The black vans of the Italians ran over the Russians. The Russians were confused, Italians in the front and Polish infiltrating the back. They were expecting a large group of Italians, not a huge group of Polish and Italians. Now, then Russians were scared. One of the drivers drove through the back of the hideout and was immediately shot. As the alive men rolled out, the van sped though the Russians. The Russians were defeated hours later, blood was everywhere, on the men, guns, cars, everywhere. Giovanni, the Polish head, and a small ban of survivors searched for Maria. Giovanni found her with her mouth, legs, and arms duct taped.

"MMM!!!" Maria mumbled through the tape.

"Maria! Men I found "er!" Giovanni shouted in excitement. As Giovanni took off the tape, he asked Maria, "Are you okay; did they hurt you?"

Maria stood up and said, "No, Gino, but they`re going to hurt you."

"How?" Giovanni asked.

"This is how," and Maria pointed a pistol at his head.

"Maria, no!"

Bang! The pistol sent a lead bullet into the head of the mafia boss. Once the other mafia men herd the shot, they knew what happened. For the kidnapping was a plot to take out Giovanni, all of it was led by Maria. Dante was killed because he was going to tell Giovanni. Giovanni`s one love betrayed him in the most violent way possible.


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