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Published:October 19th, 2006 16:06 EST
This is Your World Now with Hillary Joines Vol. 5

This is Your World Now with Hillary Joines Vol. 5

By Hillary Joines (Student Broadcaster)

You are Sooo Hired!

Whether you are doing a school research report, creating your own music video, planning a trip or building a house --  they all involve doing projects.

And, thanks to Donald Trump`s TV show, The Apprentice,
we all know that if you are a poor project manager -- YOU GET FIRED!!
But " what project management life skills to youth need to be successful in the future work place?

An exciting new partnership was launched when the Project Management Institute Education Foundation leaders, met with Global SchoolNet and other top project learning organizations including the George Lucas Foundation, Oracle Education Foundation,  and the Partnership for 21st Century Learning Skills.

Wal-la! The Project Learning Partnership was launched!

This group has pledged to work together to develop programs that
    help students learn better -- by doing projects
       and to help youth become successful project managers.

Oh yes, you are soooo HIRED!

Eye  caa  rum-baa!!

Are you wondering what to do with all that fun digital video on your camera, computer or mobile phone?

Eyespot lets you combine videos, music and photos
by dragging and dropping them together into an online film strip
" and then share them with your friends.

At Global SchoolNet, we are all about communication and collaboration.

So, if a picture tells a thousand words, a video tells a million!
Go on! Take a peek at Eyespot!

Hilites! Global Learning Projects from Around the World!

You know the world is always a LOT less FLAT
when you join Global SchoolNet`s Hilites news list to find out about online projects from around the world!
For example, we all need energy -
to heat, cool, and light our homes,
drive our cars "
and to keep our iPods humming!

The Costs of Energy project has students comparing energy sources, climates, and utility rates, from 100 classrooms across the USA and around the world.

This project is so darn hot, that it is cool!

It`s your world now! Get connected at