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Published:October 20th, 2006 05:59 EST
Magic It Is

Magic It Is

By Grace Sinopoli

I always wanted a dog.  Doesn`t every kid?  That was (and still is) the All-American family pet.  My parents always said our family wasn`t ready for one.  When I finally got my first pets (three goldfish that I won at Frontier Days), I named them immediately: Bubbles, Goldy, and Something Smells Fishy.  I loved them and fed them on a regular schedule, mostly.  They were probably the longest lasting "carnival fish" ever (the last one kicked after a year and a half).  I wanted something else, though, because you can`t really play with a fish.

On my tenth birthday, all I wanted was my very own guinea pig.  When present time came, they gave me a book about caring for your guinea pig.  I thought I knew what it implied, but I wasn`t one hundred percent sure, and I didn`t want my parents to feel badly if I wasn`t getting a guinea pig. However, when they gave me a cage, I was confident about it.

"Thank you! "  I squealed, and gave my parents and my grandma a hug.  I called my friend who as born on the same day and told her the news. She told me about her presents, but I wasn`t really paying any attention.

After dinner at Panera, we went to Petland to pick out my guinea pig.  I picked up a cute little fur ball.  She was brown, white, and tan. She pooped on me right away.  That was somewhat gross; but guinea pig poop is really hard and dry, so it didn`t stain my clothes or anything.  Since this is an animal`s way of marking her territory, I said, "She`s the one."

"Are you sure?", everyone asked.  I was sure.  We paid and put her in a little white box with lots of air holes and left.  All the way home, I kept peeking in to make sure she was still breathing.

When I got home, I ran to Claire`s house; then she came over to my home.  We spent a long time trying to think of a good name.  We just couldn`t decide.

That night, after my parents went to bed, I took her out of the cage and put her onto the floor.

Bad idea.  She immediately scurried under the huge sectional couch.  My dad came down and had to keep picking up the different pieces of the couch until I finally grabbed her and named her Magic, because it was as if she would magically disappear when my dad picked up the couch.

Over the last two years, Magic and I have had some good times: reading Curious George books; playing tug-of-war with carrots.  We`ve had some bad times too, like going to the vet, and when she got a cold.  Oh, and then she escaped again and again.  However, she is my little pet, who relies on me (with help from others) to survive.
She is the best birthday present I ever got.

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