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Published:October 22nd, 2006 12:34 EST
Why Atlanta?

Why Atlanta?

By Tyler Nelson

Today is my block party.  As I am walking around my colorfully decorated block, I see my mom.  She is as red as a tomato.  I look around and see that everyone around me is crying intensely.  My best friend looks normal, so I ask him, "What`s up? "  The answer stabs my heart.

"I`m moving to Atlanta, Georgia," he says.

"Yeah right!", I say in disbelief.

"No really!", he responds!

Now, I was scared.  I thought to myself, is my best friend and our relationship going to be stretched apart by miles?

"Why Atlanta?", I ask?

"My dad accepted the perfect job for him and the pay is great," he said.  I could tell by his eyes that he was not thrilled about moving.

My feelings were all mixed together as though they were in a giant blender, mixed with anger, rage, sadness, and many other emotions.  I could tell that my best friend`s feelings were a mirror image of mine.  I did not know what to say or do.

Later, it hit me how much only he and I could do together.  We would not have that anymore; but I realized it was for the best.  He was not moving for three months and we would treasure that remaining time like gold.

When he does move away, I will accept it and try to keep our relationship like a tight wire.  Through this experience, our friendship will grow.