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Published:October 25th, 2006 11:18 EST
The adventures of two boys in a canoe

The adventures of two boys in a canoe

By Carlos Andina

The first telltale drop hit my chin as the canoes slid through the water. My friend Pete and I looked up. A dark black blanket had been tossed over us. The wind blew in our faces, our hair, making it nearly impossible to move forward. We paddled with all our strength until we finally got to a small beach covered with grass. Suddenly, the sky cracked in half and lit up with electricity. We dove into the grass and waited. We still had a long trip ahead of us.

Our backs soaked, we slowly got up; the rain had let up. We figured that we should probably try to get back to camp as soon as possible. We pushed the canoe into the river and hopped in. Paddling as fast as we could, the first rapids approached.

We carefully turned around the fallen tree. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, we saw a rock right in front of us. The side of the canoe touched the water. We had not tipped. It had been close, but we had not tipped. This time. Still paddling, we reached a corner; and I was sure we were finally there. I was wrong. And to make things worse, it started to pour. 

The next rapids were coming up. We prepared ourselves and tried to paddle through. We tried to stay away from the shore, for it was full of branches. The current was against us. It pulled us to the side. We were stuck.

We sat there, in the pouring rain, in a metal canoe, in a river; and we were stuck on a branch. A Branch! We wondered what to do.

Carefully, trying not to tip over, I leaned over and grabbed an overhead branch. I slowly pushed against it; and, finally, we were free. We were near the end. There were a few more rapids, but we were almost there. 

As we finally got through the last set of rapids, the water began to get shallow. We had to paddle very lightly because there was only about four inches of water. The canoe slid through the final shallow areas, jolting back and forth when it got too shallow.


Finally, we approached the site. The line of canoes seemed to be waiting for us. We shored the canoes, grabbed our soaking items, and ran back to camp. We made it.