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Published:December 12th, 2006 14:53 EST
This is Your World Now with Hillary Joines Vol.7

This is Your World Now with Hillary Joines Vol.7

By Hillary Joines (Student Broadcaster)

I`m Hillary Joines and this is your world now...International Schools CyberFair...Jump for Joy -- with JumpKnowledge... Edutopia " May the Force Be With You...all this and more brought to you by and

Global SchoolNet " Linking Kids Around the World! 
International Schools CyberFair! 

Calling all schools, businesses and youth organizations! 

It is time to get started on your International Schools CyberFair project! 

The theme for CyberFair 2007 is Empower and Unite! "  

Co-sponsored by Global SchoolNet and the World Future Society, students are encouraged to prepare for the future "

  • by thinking about their own future plans,
  • the conditions that will affect the future of their community,
  • and issues of global importance!

We are looking for projects that tell about people, places, businesses --  that serve to "empower, motivate, and encourage positive change." 

This is a wonderful opportunity to work together to tell the world about the great things that are happening in your local community.  

"CyberFair will help fulfill some of the promise of the Internet as a platform for bringing the world`s cultures, schools and young people together," said Vinton G. Cerf, co-inventor of the Internet and now senior VP at Google 
Jump for Joy -- with JumpKnowledge

Global SchoolNet thinks you will be jumping for joy when you see how easy JumpKnowledge is to use for online projects.

JumpKnowledge allows you to capture and email an entire Web page complete with all of its links.  

You can send to multiple participants by creating an email address list from Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail.  

And, to make it really easy - you can add the JumpKnowledge SEND button to your browser toolbar.  

So, don`t hesitate to jump right in! 

Edutopia " May the Force Be With You! 

Attention Educators! 

A storyteller for education, Edutopia tells how teachers and students around the country are transforming their schools. 

You will discover the new world of innovative learning, plus the heroes and innovators who are making it happen. 

When you subscribe to Edutopia News " the free weekly resource for tools and information published by The George Lucas Educational Foundation? 

Oh " be sure to look for the special Global SchoolNet announcement in the December issue of Edutopia. 

May the force be with you! 
You know the world is always a LOT less FLAT when you join Global SchoolNet to find out about online projects from around the world! 

It`s your world now! Get connected at

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