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Published:April 23rd, 2007 03:52 EST
Lust, Love, Hurt, Hate

Lust, Love, Hurt, Hate

By Sarah Schwarz

"It is easier to let go than to hold on", someone once said.  But is it really?  Is it really easy to let go to someone that you truly love than it is to hold on to them?  I don`t think so.

You know a guy that just broke up with his girlfriend, and he comes to confide in you.  He asks you, how you think he should deal with the situation.  He says he still loves her and he just can let go of her.  Obviously, his ex still loves him but she just isn`t talking to him.

The guy that was confiding in you still tells you how much he loves her but he starts hitting on you.  And when I say hitting on you I mean he is dropping hints that he kind of likes you.  You are dumb enough to go along with it.  One day he just comes out and tells you and you tell him that you have had feelings for him for a while too.  The worst decision you could have ever made.

After a few days, you find out he is starting to talk to his ex girlfriend again.  He is still talking to you as he likes you though.  He tells you he should be your undercover boyfriend and that nobody should know, because if anybody were to know both of you would be in so much trouble. 

You see him alone one night, just you and him.  The next day its like nothing ever happened and he acts like he never said any of that stuff to you.  He lusted after you and said he loved you.  He used you and hurt you and now you hate him.

You love him still but there is no way you could ever be with him, and it hurts to think that he did that to you but deep inside you love him.  He is still talking to his ex girlfriend and still calling you and confiding in you and asks what you think he should do. 

There is no way you can stop talking to him because you love him and you just hope things wont work out between him and his ex girlfriend and that he will just come and be with you.  However, you know in the end it is him or is ex girlfriend and his ex girlfriend is your best friend.

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