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Published:April 28th, 2007 06:11 EST
A View From a Fifth Grader's Life

A View From a Fifth Grader's Life

By Libby Block

Whatever you put your mind to becomes true and real. Whether it`s scoring a goal or getting an A on a test. I like setting goals for myself. First of all you need to take baby steps then make the step bigger and bigger until you end up doing the splits.

After time goes on your dream will come true. Even if no one thinks it can but you do. I knew I wanted to be a writer and that`s what I am now. I told my father that I wanted a chapter book in an actual format of a real book.

I opened up my composition book and wrote the first chapter. As time passed, I finally finished it and said to my dad, I finished so what do I do now? " Eventually my books arrived in the mail. The point is if your heart wants to do something bad enough, you have to listen to it. I did and I`m amazingly happy that I did. I set my bar high and everyone else should do the same so you know who you are and where you belong.