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Published:May 30th, 2007 07:40 EST
Do It Now!

Do It Now!

By Carolee Kaufold

A couple of years ago, everything had me crying at the drop of a hat. It started with a simple question, "let's have an update on your life?" I answered, "Everything is OK!" Well, it was. Until ..... I heard about the death of a young women that was my oldest son's first love. She was only 28 years old and was the mother of two small children. She had a troublesome life, and was finally happy when she just up and died.

I asked him how he was feeling and he said he was numb. I guess I can understand that. They were together for a few years and went through some important things. The prom, the death of a beloved grandmother and the hospitalization for the young girl's mental health. My son stood by her and brought her to a place where she got some self-respect, something that was badly missing in her life. As young love happens, it fades away. They moved on, found others, and married. Life goes on.

Are you doing everything you should? 

Well, I should spell better, learn how to cook, and learn to say NO! I should get out of the house more, I should go to sleep at a decent hour.

I should have been taller, thinner and a real blond. I didn't get to go the prom*. I never had a daughter**. I never went to Italy. I don't wear real diamonds***.

I can't ride a bike, or drive a car. I can't carve a turkey or ice a cake. I never saw my grandfather. I never had brothers and sisters. I cannot sing or paint. I did not go to College. Or finish Nursing School.

But... when I think of ALL the things I have done. WOW !! So what does that prove? I guess it is that, you can do anything if you try. I will get to Italy, get out of the house more and ice a cake. Do I really want diamonds, to go to sleep early or paint? I would like to sing and get thinner, but who wouldn't? I would have liked to have a sister and go to the prom. I wanted to finish Nursing and learn how to drive. But that was not in my future.

God had a plan for my life and if I were in charge, I would have failed terribly. I would have never gotten to this place in my life. I have reached for the stars...and I have to touch them, here is how to do it..

Life is so unpredictable. One day you are getting ready for your day's events and then next minute, all things have changed. This past year I have seen many changes in my life. Most of them wonderfully great. Then a bump in the road brings us back to our own mortality. Therefore, here is my advice. Use the good china for your family, don't save it for company. Get out old family photos and remember that time of your life. Go to the ocean, look at the horizon, and see what a small speck we are and the greatness of God. Have a drink before dinner and enjoy the quiet. Take out your wedding dress, try it on, and remember the joy you felt the day you wore it. Play an oldies radio station and listen to the words of songs from your teen years. Die you hair blonder and see if they really have more fun.

Take a day off work and do absolutely nothing, no running to stores or school meetings, just take a breather and read a book. Find an old friend and relive what made you friends in the first place. Treat your mother to lunch and a movie. Bring your spouse a gift, something unexpected, to thank them for loving you. Take a walk around your neighborhood and meet new people. Don't watch the evening news for a week, or read the newspaper. Do something for yourself; get your nails done or your haircut. Take a romantic horse and buggy ride with your love.

Create a memory. One that will live on in your heart and mind. New cars, furniture and appliances break and get old. Clothes wear thin and jewelry lose their luster. However, memories never ever go away. They actually get better as time goes on. When I was in the travel business that is what I did. I helped people create memories. I have had people come back and tell me they were so glad they took that trip because soon after the trip, their companion died and all they would always have the memory of the trip and the joy they shared on it. Do something now, that your have been thinking about. Don't wait one more minute. Do it NOW!

* My High School had 7000 students and didn't have a prom.

**I had sons that married wonderful wives, so now I have daughters.

***I am the CZ Queen.