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Published:June 13th, 2007 08:31 EST
A Place Of Comfort

A Place Of Comfort

By Carolee Kaufold

Right outside of my bedroom, there is a room that-- on the floor plan-- is called the "Retreat Room." I call it the "Bermuda" room. It has all my favorite things from Bermuda in it. There is a jar of pink sand, a couple of prints from the island, a teapot, a big model of a Bermuda home, and it also has a wonderful drawing of the homes on Bermuda. It is painted Bermuda Pink Sand, what else?

I have a couch, a low back seat and an easy chair in that room. The rug is blue and the furniture are different shades of blue. The curtains are pink. I have my collection of dolls and castles in the room. It is where the TV is and all the books that I am reading at the same time.

My chair is the easy chair. I called it my "Happy Chair." From this chair, I can see our Bermuda flag blowing in the wind on the porch. I have pink hibiscus intertwining on the railing, and palm trees on the lawn. Early in the morning, just after dawn, there a Hot Air Balloons flying over my house. I can see them from my chair. I can see the street, we don't have much traffic, so when a car comes by I can see who it is. I sit in this chair off and on all day. I sit in this chair to watch my favorite TV shows. I watch the news from this chair. I read the papers in this chair. I open my mail in this chair. I sometimes eat my lunch in this chair.

 I day dream in this chair. When I am sitting in it, I have my legs raised and I fall asleep for moments at a time. This chair cuddles me and makes me feel so comfortable. Sometimes, I wrap an old blanket around me and feel safe and warm. The chair faces the window and I can see when company is coming a cross the porch. I see children coming home from school from my chair. I can see folks returning from a long day of work. There are bicycle riders, runners, baby carriages and people just taking a walk that I can see. I can also see the length of the house from this chair.

I can see when my husband Thom is finished with the computer and it is my turn. I can see him getting dinner ready and I know when to set the table. This chair makes me happy. It is just a simple thing, yet it makes me comfortable. When my legs hurt, when my head is pounding, when my eyes are blurry, I go sit in the chair. In a few minutes time, I am refreshed and ready to tackle a small project. My favorite thing to do in this chair is to think about how lucky I am. Sure, there are times I have difficult things to deal with, but this chair is conducive to clearing my head. It kind of reaches around me and says, "Take a deep breath, you can work this out!"

This chair was one of the first pieces of furniture delivered to our home and it was the only thing we had to sit in for a couple of days. Thom has his recliner in the computer room, so we couldn't even sit together the first couple of days. From this chair, I have wished for good things. From this chair ,I held Nathaniel for the first time, and got the call Nathaniel died. I held his dad, my son Jonathan, in my arms and cried in this chair. From this chair, I dared to make plans for years to come. I read to my 4 grandson in this chair.

When the sky is blue with big white clouds and the windows are open I can smell orange blossoms. When the skies get dark and the lighting rumbles I sit in the chair and wonder at God's power. This is the chair that will carry me to old age. This is the chair that relaxes me after a day out and this is the chair that makes me feel well. I imagine you all have a chair that is "your" chair. Just like Archie Bunker, everyone gets out of my seat when they see me coming.

Chairs have personality. Don't you think? My chair is short, heavy, smells like White Shoulders and is faithful. Just like me. My chair is sturdy, it has flair and it can be moved. My chair is an extension of myself.