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Published:July 3rd, 2007 03:36 EST
High School, High School, Stupid High School

High School, High School, Stupid High School

By Sarah Schwarz

Why is High School so hard at times?  Why do people have to judge by the way you look, who your friends are, what kind of clothes you wear?  School is made for learning not for stereotyping.

Sometimes it is so hard for people to just go and learn because so many people pick on them.  Some turn to suicide to get rid of their problems.  There are kids at school who are so happy to go to school to get away from their homes.  Some have it really bad at home and just want to get away.  Then they come to school and have to get made fun of.

I don`t think any of us really cares what goes on in the schools.  Principals and teachers want to think everything is OK when, right in front of their faces, kids are getting picked on.

We need to teach kids that we need to stand up for what we believe in and not worry about what we wear or how much money we have.  Just as long as we are alive and we go to school and get what we need to do done.  So when we grow up, we can have a life for ourselves and maybe start a family.  We will have friends in our lives and some will always be there for us and the ones who weren`t really friend (or anything) to us, they will leave.

Just know that you are your own person and you don`t have to do something to make someone else happy you do what you do for yourself.  And you will go a long way.

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