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Published:November 1st, 2007 11:00 EST
A Peek of Hope

A Peek of Hope

By Tyler Nelson

An inspirational story about getting over things. Today, I felt as if life had turned on me and my sadness was left to murder me! I got to school to find out I was missing three folders, which is equivalent to three homework assignments! Second period was Spanish, a.k.a. HUGE test!

I hoped my usual lack of ANY studying for ANYTHING wouldn’t fail me now. Too bad, I felt that I knew zip, zero, and nada on the Spanish test! I felt as if I was a magnet to everybody else’s depression. I was being robbed of my happiness. An honest peer told me that the mentally challenged kid next to me in Spanish had cut off a tuft of my dirty blonde hair! How I didn’t notice, that’s a whole other story!

The rest of the day went down hill from there. I was sitting in a garbage can by the end of lunch, luckily an empty one. Actually, I fell into it on accident. Oops…clumsy me.

Later in that putrid day, it was an eerie evening. The chilling wind made your spine tingle. I thought twice about going to walk my eccentric, yappy dog; but it was my duty, so I got over my fear. Five minutes later, it started storming. Within a minute, you couldn’t see five feet in front of you! The sky was bawling its eyes out and thrashing around violently. I was furious at myself for not staying home.

I turned around and started at a brisk pace home until a life-changing event fell into my life, literally. With a blink-of-an-eye, a bolt of lightning split a nearby tree jaggedly down the middle. Shocked, I naturally let go of the leash. My spastic dog took off right for the falling tree! All of the horrible torturous thoughts I had in my head came before me. I was a dog killer! Hated by the people I love and shunned by society. My life was doomed and I was enslaved to a life of torture. Right then and there, I fell down in sorrow and agony for myself and mourned over my miserable life.

When the thunder clapped one last time, a little bit of hope shone through the clouds of devastation in my congested mind. I looked up and yet couldn’t see my dog. I was soaked, completely drenched by the rain. It looked as if someone had attacked me with a firefighter hose! As if I was about to revert back to my spiraling depression, the sound of the raindrop’s pitter-patter stopped.

I then heard the sound that would save my emotional sanity! It felt as if I was released from the chains of sadness that tethered me to the sopping ground. Suddenly, I heard a puny, call for help. Bark! It was my beloved dog; he was alive, too! I dashed over to the fallen tree, which had collapsed on him. His arm was paw was stuck under the wilting tree! My emotions reacted to my dog’s situation and I was instantly scared.  Pushing the tree was no easy task but I managed to get my helpless dog’s paw out from under the tree. I immediately call the local pet help phone number and they assured me help was on the way. Those words may sound like they are reassuring but in a real situation they are NOT enough. I was by my canine friend’s side until help was there. As they transported my dog to the vet, I felt thankful, thankful for all of the many wonderful things I have.




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