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Published:November 15th, 2007 10:01 EST
The What  If  Worries

The What If Worries

By Nikki Roberti

Being a freshman in college is an exciting time. New friends. New place. New life. Everything is going perfect for my life-- except for one thing.

You see, I have a boyfriend. Ah, yes. The male species. Got to love them. Want to hate them. But, through God`s will, can`t live without them. And this particular boy of mine has been my best friend for almost 6 years. Our church has been keeping tabs on our blossoming relationship as if it were some juicy soap opera or something.

Before moving, everywhere I turned was, Oh, you`re moving to North Carolina? Michael`s moving with you? " or So you`re finally engaged then! "

But the truth is, I`m not engaged. I don`t want to be engaged. And no, Michael is not coming with me. I`m leaving and he`s staying right here where I left him.

So then I get bombarded with the next question from my subscribing congregation, What`s going to happen to Michael? "

Happen to him? What do you mean happen? " He`s going to live his life, finish school and "well "nothing`s going to happen to him. I`m just not going to be with him.

But now that I`m away at college with my own life freshly established, I sometimes wonder.

What if something does happen to him?

What if he meets another girl? What if he dies in some freak car crash commuting during a visit? What if he becomes a different person that I don`t even know anymore? What if I become a different person? What if ?

Is our relationship even strong enough?

There are a lot of what ifs " in the world. But honestly, you can`t base your entire life around them. God even says not to waste your valuable time worrying since it doesn`t add a day to your life, as in Mathew 6, when Jesus verbally slaps his followers in the face to show how petty they are for worrying.

Long-distance relationships are hard and I know that my moving to another state will make things more complicated, but long-distance relationships are not necessarily impossible.

So, while all my soap opera fans out there criticize my relationship and worry about how the season finale will end, I`ve decided to focus on the current episode airing on this channel instead.

Like Mathew 6:34 says, Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. "

I know there are way too many what ifs  in the world, but I`m going to just add one more: What if we all just stopped worrying so much?