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Published:February 7th, 2008 05:35 EST
The House of My Dream

The House of My Dream

By Maria Ardysheva

Many people dream. Dream to visit the unknown countries, dream to fly by a balloon or to cross ocean on a sailing vessel. People dream of what that they don`t have, but would very much like to make or get. People dream of much, only not always their dreams come true.

Today the majority of us live in flats of multi-story houses. A small cell of the big ant hill. And, in spite of that, the person is a public essence; sometimes he wants to retire from this society. But even in the flat he not always can allow such luxury as loneliness. Because it is impossible to be isolated from members of the family in a two-room flat.

But business not in that can or not a person allow a loneliness to himself, but in that whether he may allow to make the dwelling such what he wants it to see. For many people living in flats, realization of this dream may become by building of the own house - to the taste and desire.

As for me, sometimes I would like to live in a simple bungalow, with wum furniture and straw venetian blind instead of curtains, and sometimes " it seems that in one room with bleach walls, a bed, case and shelves for books.

But nevertheless, I would like to live in the house, without neighbors with top and ground floors that my house stood lonely, somewhere at edge of city or a village.

My house of dream is a log house with a verandah and a penthouse on which it is necessary to rise on a screw staircase. In this house there should be a garage located in a basement, outdoor buildings near a house, a front garden, a place under the big garden and a kitchen garden. In the house should be carried out the water pipe, a gas main and sewage.

In short, it should be the good house with all personal belongings.
In the house of my dream there should be not less than eight rooms - a vestibule, a drawing room, a dining room, studies for the work, four - five rooms on each member of family, and also kitchen and two bathrooms. It would like to me that in my house necessarily is the fireplace on a ground floor around of which all family would gather. And that the furniture in the house was wooden.

I would like, that around of my house grew a fur-trees and a pines, and near from house flows a small fine, but very fast river. In general I would like to live somewhere in mountains, am closer to the north - in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland or Canada - in the country of autumn weather where there are fogs and rains.

In such house and place I would like to live, and, leaving house for a while, always to come back.

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