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Published:August 1st, 2009 11:27 EST
The Importance of Timing

The Importance of Timing

By Matthew Vossler

Timing is important to success in this world. It may be surprising to many, that techniques incorporating the ancient art of astrology are as valid as other soft sciences such as psychology, and some say that astrology is more relevant and useful. I don`t mean the use of basic sun-sign astrology so popular with the general public, like the brief horoscopes you see in the newspapers or that come into your email box each day. I mean real nuts and bolts astrology based on a natal chart. A natal chart in astrology is a personal and unique snapshot of where the planets, moon and sun are in relation to each other and the zodiac at the exact time and location of one`s birth. This snapshot has enormous implications for the person regarding everything from their personality to their ultimate destiny.


But how does someone derive benefits from this science of the zodiac? Have you ever known someone who always seems to be at the right place at the right time? It`s almost annoying isn`t it? Have you ever had the experience in your own affairs where you want to make something happen and, try as you might, it just won`t work the way you wish only to have it all fall into place a month or year later? Synchronicity is a major factor here.


There are many ways to gain the advantage of synchronicity. Some people gain it by observing patterns. Some people gain it by paying attention to the natural world. Some people might seek the advice of a counselor or psychic, and some might try to divine themselves by scrying or other methods. Synchronicity can help someone in so many ways, whether when starting a business, cooking a meal, or organizing a party.


Many religious and spiritual traditions pay heed to Father Time. The calendar and times of day or night, figure in for celebrations and holy days, whether it is a Christian mass on Sunday, a month long period of penitence and fasting during Ramadan, or in relation to the Sabbat holidays of the Wheel of the Year for Wiccans.


What is not commonly recognized, at least by the general public, is that most of these traditions that include a component of timing can be traced back to astrology and the observations of the movement of the planets and Sun around the Earth, and their subsequent constructs, such as days, months, seasons, years and so on.


Astrology, more than other forms of divination, utilizes the mechanisms and offers the advantages of timing and synchronicity for persons but also for mundane affairs. Most people today put astrology in the category of mere parlor tricks or maybe just a game for amusement. But you might recall the media ruckus that surrounded the news that the Regan administration in the United States was using astrology to time important meetings and events of State. Hmmm, astrology was being used in this way in the 1980s? This shouldn`t be too surprising though, if one knows the history of astrology and how kings and queens and other heads of state have used astrology to their advantage since we first began seeing patterns in the night sky.


Ronald Regan`s Presidency also lends credibility to astrology via a well documented pattern having to do with the deaths our Commander in Chiefs. Since President Harrison`s death while serving, in 1841, about every 20 years, a U.S. President has died while in office, including the death of Lincoln due to assassination and ending with the assassination of President Kennedy. This pattern corresponds, interestingly enough, with the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. According to Ken Kalb, "The ancients regarded Saturn, the boundary between our solar system and the universe -- the `Great Chronocrator` -- a cosmic clock timing significant periods in human history. When faster moving Jupiter crosses over Saturn every 19.8 years, a new cycle begins oftentimes marked by cataclysmic events."


So why did the curse end with the Presidency of Ronald Regan? Nancy and Ronald Regan`s astrologer, Joan Quigley, provided advice on everything from the timing of the debates with Carter and Mondale to, according to Quigley, the "take-offs and landing of Air Force One." Many believe, including Nancy Regan, that Quigley`s advice was instrumental in protecting the President from assassination.


Astrology takes advantage of a basic spiritual tenant, "as above, so below." That is, the natural synchronicity among the stars and planets and what happens on our planet, whether at a global, local or personal level. This natural law, when harnessed by the science and art of astrology and interpreted by a competent astrologer, often announces transformation both personal and universal. Astrology can be used to help balance forces and alert people to what is happening and what needs to happen, while offering strategies for easing the transformation so that it will be comfortable and most helpful.


Taking advantage of the natural cycles and rhythms of the universe, astrology allows us to peer into the unseen and unknown facets of life and nature, so that we may understand ourselves and our world better, and often, to be better prepared for what we might not otherwise have known was going to happen.


If your city or country is facing a crisis, astrology can indeed help point the way through it. If our world is going through major growing pains, astrology can serve as a guide. If you are having a bad day, or a bad month or bad year, wouldn`t it be helpful to know why, and how to make things better, or even just to know that next month, things will turn around?  Astrology can do all of this and more. If timing isn`t everything, as the saying goes, it is surely true, that everything and everyone has their time!


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