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Published:September 11th, 2009 16:47 EST
Relationships, Astrology and the Four Elements

Relationships, Astrology and the Four Elements

By Sean Beelzebul

Relationships, Astrology and the Four Elements

There are countless internet-based relationship calculators based on astrological sign. Sadly, they are either misinformed, inaccurate, or semi-accurate but not explained. No matter how hard I have tried to search after certain signs, or even forget the whole deal and search for a partner in the first place, searching does not seem to be the best method. For me, the old maxim holds true: I pursue that which pursues me. " With that said, I believe there is some truth to the whole compatibility issue with relationships and astrological signs. However, it is simpler than one might imagine.

The twelve zodiacal signs are split into four groups based on their mystical element: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. My theory on the compatibility between the signs is based on my own empirical evidence from dating, but more importantly on the inter-relationship between each element. These relationships are as follows:

Air Wind is attracted to fire, as fire is fueled by air and flourishes with an air sign. The Air signs are Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.

FireFire is attracted to earth. Although fire scorches earth, earth is constantly renewed by fire. It is common practice for park service people to burn certain sections of forest purposely, in order to ensure a greater growth and renewed soil. The fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

3)      Earth is attracted to water. Earth holds and creates water and life grows through this relationship. The earth signs are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.

4)      Water is attracted to Air. Water is created by air, and is guided by it. The water signs are Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

I am a Libra. For several years I dated mostly fire signs. My first relationship was with an Aries and I fueled her desires and ambitions to the point where they irritated me. My second lasting relationship however was with a Capricorn. The Cardinal wind sign that I am as a Libra, seemed not to aerate the soil, but rather to push it all around until it became a wall for my own ambitions. The two Leo`s were next, I was very attracted to them, but the needy Libra that I was appeared to fuel them into an uncontrollable blaze. Recently I began to relax, and let women pursue me. Low and behold, I seem to be attracting primarily water signs! We`ll see if this works!