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Published:December 17th, 2009 12:49 EST
Magick and Ritual

Magick and Ritual

By Sean Beelzebul

Even for the secular minded, Magick and Ritual can still have meaning and significance. Although astrology and other esoteric disciplines are often lumped into the category of religion " and are instantly rejected by secular minded, scholars, scientists and religious critics, Magick and ritual can only enhance one`s life. This article will explain how Magick and ritual should be seen as "in the least "a social science, and not as pseudo-science ".

Here I will give some examples of what I mean by Magick and ritual:

Tarot; the art of divination through randomly spreading a predetermined number of cards on a table. At random cards are drawn and the medium can make predictions and judgments about a person by their placement, interpretation and especially, the impressions of the recipient of the reading. Tarot cards have 22 major trumps which signify the principle planets, sun, moon and the astrological houses, Libra for example. The 56 minor trumps signify patterns of planets and houses, where the 12 court cards often represent individual people in the recipient`s life of the different signs. There are many other divination methods, such as the Chinese I Ching, the runes of the Norse and many other devices throughout the world. Tarot is very well known in the West.


Meditation; Wiccan`s and other Pagan groups use candles to guide meditations on specific astrological signs and planetary powers represented by different colored candles. Meditation is a practice that many religions endorse. How one meditates does not only differ from religion to religion, but from person to person "it is very relative. Candles only serve as guiding thoughts and principles, not literal incarnations of Greek Gods, but rather gravitational associations with different stars and planets.

These arts of astrology and esoteric practice are social sciences. On the one hand, this statement is true because anthropology and religious studies fields in the humanities often study these behaviors. However, they are also closer to true sciences when one strips them of metaphor. Gravitational forces are the meaning behind planets and horoscopes. Psychological suggestion and relative interpretation are the meaning behind divination and meditation. Thus, the studies of Magick and ritual fall in between the categories of secular " and sacred ", while also enriching both poles, both oppositional fields.