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Published:December 24th, 2009 13:56 EST
The Use of Magick to Assert the Will

The Use of Magick to Assert the Will

By Sean Beelzebul

By ritualizing the actions of everyday life, one`s will takes artistic and symbolic form. Whether it`s lighting candles, performing a chant or mantra, meditating and or creating an artistic project such as painting or music, the rituals of both sacred and secular nature can enhance one`s life and direct it in a good manner. The following will provide examples of such Magick ritual that can be used to enhance one`s life.

Lighting candles designed to direct one`s mind towards astrological values, such as a red candle for the planetary association with Mars or a white candle for the Moon, serve only as mental objects of course "no other force is being called other than the gravitational force these objects create. The use of incense, bells, altars and shrines to Buddha, Lao Tzu, Christ, Mohammad and etc. serve only to enhance one`s insight into the gravitational powers that be, each with more precise symbolic function.

The creation of Art, whether it be music, painting, poetry, philosophy or any passionate subject one has in the nature of being, is the ultimate means of directing the will towards positive intention and creative insight. Always productive, the human being is an artist creating more beings in the most corporeal sense, and abstract interpretation of beings in the highest sense.

The art that humans create is more permanent than their own very beings. Philosophers like the Buddha left behind a philosophy that has lasted 2400-2500 years. Mozart`s work is still performed today, as is Beethoven`s. Rembrandt and David paintings are viewable in art museums around the world. Art is more permanent than most human beings "it is in this aspect that humanity can become eternal through art.

The idea at work here is that feelings, insights and even planetary associations find themselves in art. The sacred nature of art when combined with mystical practices should be treated as the ultimate result of ritual and spirituality of the human mind. These ideas make for the best art, as it is art which attempts to create a relativistic depiction of truth ", as that is relativity itself.