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Published:December 28th, 2009 19:47 EST
Karma and the Action of Magick

Karma and the Action of Magick

By Sean Beelzebul

Karma means action according to the strict Sanskrit definition of the term. Karma can be positive and meritorious or it can be negative and deleterious to the being. If Karma is not wielded correctly one`s efforts in this life will intentionally or inadvertently harm others.

Yet, if Karma is wielded properly, one`s actions in this life will only lead others in a good direction. Thus, when it comes down to ritual Magick, the intentionality behind the undertakings must not be overly self-centered "they must be directed towards the common good.

Black Magick is not what the true magician of enlightened intent undertakes. An evil magician who only wishes to curse and destroy his foes will almost always be cursed themselves, and will suffer great harm as well. When used defensively, such as in edifying others of the errors of Christianity and world religions, darker forces in the universe are necessary. However, these forces of truth and darkness must always be respected as defensive forces.

In the real world, these dark mystical forces are often representative of the Malefic " planets, those being Mars, Saturn, Uranus and in some systems, the dwarf planet Pluto. What these dark forces are said to represent are darker human emotions, such as anger, jealousy and ignorance.  These elements of human nature are not rooted out completely in the alchemist sage, but they are tempered and only used when necessary.

Good Karma can be gained, through constructing one`s life in a way that helps people. What this means, is noble ambition, good intention, and good works. Even if one is just a simple artist of some sort, this art can be used to teach and strengthen the viewer.

A bad artist who performs their art only for the sake of benefiting their bank account, or catering solely to popular demand creates a double problem: often negative in intention, blind in affect and will, these artists spread ignorance in great numbers and create for themselves bad karma.