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Published:January 2nd, 2010 23:10 EST
2012 , Astrology and Apocalyptic Chaos

2012 , Astrology and Apocalyptic Chaos

By Sean Beelzebul

With the recent release of the movie 2012 and its predictions of apocalyptic chaos, what can actually be predicted about the year without delving into fanaticism? There are three significant astrological events which will occur in 2012 "this article will explain their significance and potentiality.

The first and most significant event in my eyes, are the transits of the planet Venus. On June 6th 2012, the planet Venus will align itself perfectly in between the Sun and the Earth, appearing as a small black dot within the sun`s visible sphere. This solar eclipse of Venus occurs every 243 years. The planet Venus typically represents the forces of love and war.

Venus was known as Ishtar in Babylon, a goddess of love and warfare, she was Aphrodite in Greece, and represented both light and war in Mayan and East Asian cultures as well. The reason for these dual natured attributes of love and war is perhaps due to the planet`s tendency to rise in the evening and appear as a separate entity in the morning. The last time this type of Venus eclipse occurred was on June 3rd 1769. In this year, the world was gearing up for a Revolution in America, there was war in Europe and that same year saw the birth of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The second event is a total solar eclipse on November 13th 2012, and a penumbral eclipse on November 28th 2012. In astrology eclipses are seen by some as portents for natural disasters, most notably earthquakes. When the moon`s gravity is effected by its positioning between the Sun and Moon, the Earth`s gravity is also effected. The change, however slight, could have an effect on Earth`s tectonic plates which cause earthquakes.

The second event of critical importance for Apocalypse theorists is the Mayan Calendar`s completion of a great cycle of 13 B`ak`tun`s  (periods of 144,000 days) on December 21st 2012. It is uncertain what the Mayan civilization would have predicted could happen when this great cycle occurs. Many theorists suggest that this really has no significance. Yet, many others predict incredible events such as the Christian Apocalypse, and the rapture. Whatever the case, 2012 is certainly a more significant year astrologically than most.