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Published:December 1st, 2005 07:17 EST
Holiday in Ukraine - - Maidan

Holiday in Ukraine - - Maidan

By Ann Poludenko

There are two main types of holidays: The first being a holiday honoring happy events, and the second is the reason not to forget as well as to remind the next generation about some sad parts from the history of humanity. But today is a holiday in Ukraine for the first time. It is called "After the first year of events on the Maidan." But should it be noted as a holiday of a happy or sad event?

Some foreign scientists say that most Ukrainians suffer from a suspension in which the part of the brain is able to evaluate the situation around us. It means that these evaluations are always negative. In analyzing the events on the Maidan, both from positive and negative sides, there are some noted differences in perspective.   

Let’s start off with the mistakes of the Orange team. 

If people leave their ordinary rhythm of life to support some actions, in turn, this means that something good is expected to happen after that. Expectations of the Orange Revolution were too high and none of the world governments were able to justify them. Every revolution creates some heightened system of promise because most of society prefers bad, but a certain life today improves the chance for a good life in the future. The absence of the strategic plan is part of the country's development. When those whose job it is to inform people about the future actions of the government about what they are going to do next with their "power" when such opinion makers don't know anything about a specific topic, they just will give up informing and will go away, taking with them some 10 to 20 supporters of the government.

Deepening the opposition between the Eastern and Western parts of Ukraine includes the wrong policy of establishing the chiefs in the region. When a person who knows nothing about the inside life of the region becomes its governor and starts changing everything to make it the way he sees fit, it disturbs people greatly. According to the latest research, more than 40 percent of people are sure that representatives of the present government accept bribes. 

While standing on the stage, leaders were presented as those of "pure ideality" and standing up and fighting for what people need. After a while, the former best friends started to say bad things about each other and everyone around just lost respect towards the whole team. 

The plot is so that the government could state the real potential of the country. An example is whether the unexpected oil crisis or the impossibility to take some measures is better than just talking about getting the NATO's and European Union's memberships.

Is that all?