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Published:March 28th, 2006 08:57 EST
Rapid Recovery Programme Carried Out In Mexico

Rapid Recovery Programme Carried Out In Mexico

By Alex Alex

The rapid recovery programme carried out in Mexico`s leading Caribbean resorts after the devastation caused by Hurricane Wilma last year can serve as a blueprint for other tourist regions facing similar catastrophes, the head of the United Nations tourism body said today.

Getting these resorts back into action so quickly after such a destructive hurricane is a credit to the combined efforts of both public and private sectors in Mexico, " World Tourism Organization (<"">UNWTO) Secretary-General Francesco Frangialli added after a visit to some of the worst-affected areas around Cancun.

During a fact-finding tour to Mexico, in which he promised UNWTO`s continuing support in assisting in the recovery efforts, Mr. Frangialli noted that despite Wilma`s onslaught in October the number of foreign tourists had managed to rise to almost 22 million and their spending to $12 billion.

With climate change increasingly threatening the livelihood of the tourism industry, the speed and efficiency shown in the recuperation of these resorts is worthy of being a role model to be followed by other destinations around the world, " he said.

As a result Mexico had joined a special UNWTO group to draw up a joint plan to prepare for and offer management guidelines for future crises that may affect the industry, among them the threat of a global bird flu pandemic.

Latest tourism figures for Mexico`s Caribbean region show an average 83 per cent occupation of the 53,000 hotel beds. While refurbishment continues at Cancun airport, terminal 1 is completely operative for scheduled and charter flights and all main roads in the area have been reopened to traffic.

Source: The UN