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Published:April 24th, 2006 21:27 EST
More Trouble Than Just The Taliban

More Trouble Than Just The Taliban

By Rasha Lamba

First, it is a clear concept and a worldwide view that any type of drug addiction and drug trafficking is intolerable in most countries and societies, in my knowledge and in their rule of law.

Afghanistan, despite being the country poorest on the list of poor, still remains in a hike and in the top position in news and media because of its hi-tech wars, continuing battles, mass massacres, drug trafficking and production, guarded by high politicians and officials; in addition to having no food, no electricity and no shelter for the poor on the other side.

It is a devastated country with nothing left, and the remaining humans there are serving the still flourishing killer Taliban`s mafia who still hide the most dangerous terrorists of the world. The effort of the United State`s government to support Afghan government in eradicating opium culture is very much appreciated, but something is missing. The work, projects and plans going on there are only working on the surface. The officials, the army and the related allied agencies are just hanging from it and don`t know how to determine whether they should come in across the terrain or drop down in nowhere.

Thanks to the brave U.S and allied forces and, of course, the intense power of survival of the strong people of Afghanistan, some of them are left to develop a plan to eradicate domestic trouble. But first, jumping on the big money making opium culture is like grabbing the collars of some of the richest in the world, and may adversely affect these poor people again. Well, the question arises: why aren`t the U.S efforts to eradicate opium production and trafficking with other constructive efforts working or operating properly? And as fast as they trained the Afghanis to get full knowledge of minor to major hi-tech weapons in thirty years?

Where is that sincerity? Eradicate, first, the bad politicians and high officials supporting the killer Taliban and the cruel moneymakers. Then, give the little left in Afghanistan to the reconstruction, starting with each individual. Give them the colors of life enjoyed by every human being in other parts of the world so that they will be able to move beyond the long, muddy and deserted past. I think the U.S leading so many allied forces and organizations from the world can do this, and then shoot on sight in the rule of law, for the killer Taliban`s hiding of terrorists, and begin a hunt to demolish those high officials and bad politicians connected.

I accept that it is very, very hard for any organization working in any of these areas to think of a quick change. I am very sure the efforts of the U.S are their very best in eradicating opium. But, it will possibly be quicker if they council from the start, and recall the peace and happiness once in Afghanistan. Thinking one at a time make things better.

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