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Published:May 6th, 2006 21:42 EST
Remember the Incident, That Was Not an Accident

Remember the Incident, That Was Not an Accident

By Rasha Lamba

1986, Apr29-Every year on this day, remembering the horrible disaster of Chernobyl squeeze our heart in pain.But, what can we do?  We can only wait for another year and the day to come again and feel the sadness.  We all know what has happened on that day, how many lost their lives, and how many are left half-alive waiting for a painful death.

Despite, many projects and engineering works has been done by the powerful and outspoken big army and strong government, who had converted half the country into a military base as their is always a fear of invasion, fail to recover anything in this long span of 20 years.

In a country, like this, where 75% of the economy goes in manufacturing deadly and bio-hazardous army weapons in the name of security, with already overwhelm secured, how can a crippled by Chernobyl type of a person will get medication, food and fresh air to live as they are already strangers in their own land.

The government has to be more human to feel the sorrow and the vacuum of this piece of land and its people.  On the other side, we are now in a line of alert for another nuclear disaster and maybe anytime, if a handful of cruel, worse and orthodox type of leaders take the fate of millions in their own hands and get support of any.

They are thinking that their people will remember them as savior of their future.But,these foolish leaders doesn`t understand that if anything happens in a moment of rage,thier own people will also get washed away the whom, they wanted to destroy.  This time, half of the world will be gone with no trace forever.

With this quickly developing world, when people are coming more nearer, enjoying, and creating new technologies, winning space and time, thinking of another disaster all of a sudden, because of some misunderstanding or because of a mad and a fool dictator shouting will be terribly suicidal. 

What was lost, because of Chernobyl and much other weaponry disaster, cannot recover back, but we can save what is now, just by betterly communicating, combining and thinking in equilibrium.