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Published:June 20th, 2006 08:24 EST
Editorial: War troops should come home before 'worsening the situation'

Editorial: War troops should come home before 'worsening the situation'

By Rasha Lamba

First, it was a fight for petrol then cruel saddam and now terrorism. So, in Iraq the wounds gets started souring as it was happened in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Somalia and maybe Iran, the new destination for these poor peacekeepers giving their blood with no peace came exactly or had swallowed hundred years of time to come in a shape, leaving a hard and horrible history behind. After, a big battle whenever there is a declaration of peace, a delusive part came in front of the whole world but the real terror starts from that moment. When there was a question of face to face war, these peace keeping forces are and where really at the top of their bravery but when situation comes of hidden supported by locals, the battle never ends and spreads like fire ants.


As now in Afghanistan, the Taliban’s are coming out and spreading in large, in Vietnam the soldiers of Khamer are still working enthusiastically and the strangest is now the Nazi and Stalin followers are interviewed openly by the media as proud followers of their one time schizophrenic leaders responsible for famous historical massacres, making or creating bomb diffusive squads doesn't really helping in Iraq. If there is a question of terrorist war then these terrorists call themselves” divine" and always called for a religious war, and when it comes to religion surely many of them are supported by the locals heavily but hidden as always happened and as result of this Taliban is sufficiently surviving and threatening the world.


The U.S marines or the coalition forces has done great saving Iraq from the grip of saddam, and the work is nearly over and for the war of terror these peacekeepers are not psychologically prepared for that. Now, the forces in the ground level are really confused moving in an invisible horror around as killing or getting killed but who will be the first and the result is "The Haditha Massacre”. The poor marines are now going to get a feedback and a worldwide criticism despite thousands of them already sacrificed their lives in the line of peace. The purpose of their being in Iraq had finished and now these humans are facing evil of their time ever dreamt of, and they are on their own hidden terrorized by followers of saddam regime or the so called terrorist which they are not up to.


The president of America after the demolition of saddam declared Iraq as a centre of war for terrorism. But, this is not appropriate as terrorism is gripping its paws in every country with the support of selfish riches and maniac politicians always won foolish group of ground level people. The forces should be ordered immediate back to their home honorably before worsening the situation. Now, comes the fight for terrorism the government around the world facing the truth of real terrorism should come together and create a new group of soldier’s hi-tech, hidden extraordinary intelligent and psychologically prepared snipers that they can disappear in the populations necessary like sugar disappears in milk.


The high officials and the army government should not confuse these brave soldiers as the war of terror is very psychological and they are facing the fact in every streets and houses of Iraq. It was well said by Lt General John Batista taken retirement from the U.S army working in Baghdad interviewed in the BBC that now in Iraq thousands of forces are moving blank with no perfect operations left or guided by the high officials waiting to get killed. Now, as the government of Iraq has created security forces like Maan-Al-Anam means together forward is a great step taken by them and it will work, if followed honestly and U.S military officials in a committee of Iraq government is enough for great advice. So, without worsening the fact, the military should comeback in their own destination.