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Published:June 28th, 2006 10:26 EST
Appointment of ambasssador to lead U.S.-Ukraine partnership

Appointment of ambasssador to lead U.S.-Ukraine partnership

By Ann Poludenko

At last, the govern coalition in the Ukrainian parliament has been formed. This may help to answer many questions. One of them is: when will George Bush visit Ukraine and what exactly he will talk over here?   Also, how will politicians of the new Ukrainian government influence USA-Ukrainian relationship?

Just after the end of the elections to the Parliament of Ukraine, there appeared a piece of information that the president of the USA was going to visit Ukraine. Because of many objective (and some subjective) reasons, it took too long for the newly elected deputes to form the govern coalition. (That could talk from the name of the major part of Ukrainian nation).  The other reasons, that stopped a little the planning visit of mister Bush, were problems with participation of the US military men  in the military exercise “Sea breeze 20006” in Ukraine  (they were supposed to take place in the  Autonomy republic of Crimea in Feodosia city, that is part of Ukrainian territories. But the protests against those military trainings and the absence of the formed govern coalition that could solve the existed problems, became the kind of “stop stone” for the visit.). But now, the time of military training is over. The US military men went home. There are no more protests in Feodosia … just tourists that like to spend their holidays on the bitches if the city.

The coalition is formed and it is expected that on the 29th of June there will be voting in the Ukrainian parliament for the head of Verhovna Rada and for the prime-minister of the country.   The “epopee” with that, which will get right to speak from the name of the major part of the Ukrainian nation, will be over. Also, the talks about whether George Bush does will visit Ukraine soon, are over now. As on the 21st of June the president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko presented the new ambassador of the USA in Ukraine - William Tailor. He confirmed that the US president is going to visit Ukraine, but it is not certain yet whether it will happen before or after his taking part in the summit of G8 that will take place in St. Petersburg (Russia) in July.

The appointment of the new ambassador in Ukraine can be the kind of an answer, or at least a hint, to what the US-Ukrainian partnership will be.  

William Tailor was always known as a specialist in crisis situation. Before the appointment, he worked as the leading consultant in the Department of State of the topics of reconstruction and stabilization.

He is the graduator of the most prestigious school of officers “West-pint”. But for that, Tailor has a diploma of Harvard University.  For the next five years he worked as an assistant of the senator Bill Breadly, then became a clerk in the ministry of energy, after that got to the secret National university of security (of the ministry of security). Some times later, William Tailor got a new appointment, this time in the Department of State: a coordinator of the technical help to the new independent countries. (here he worked for the next 10 years till 2002). It is said that there are not many people in the State Department of the USA that can be called “a professional on Ukraine topic”, but Tailor became one of such men.  

While working as a help coordinator to the new independent countries, he got a great experience in communication with most of the countries that were formed after the collapse of the USSR; Ukraine was one of such countries. In the far 2001 it was he, who became the initiator of punishment towards non-democratic Ukrainian government that meant reducing of the financial help form the USA. He was also a great supporter of the strict position towards Kyiv because of it’s breaking the author’s rights.

In 2002 he went to Afghanistan as a representative of the US government. His aim was to build the cooperation between new Afghan government and Washington. Two years after that he goes to Iraq with the same aim, but without reaching everything that was planned, he got a new appointment – representative of the US government in “Near-Eastern quartet”. There he worked till 2006 and carried the questions of Israel plan of setting the boundaries with Palestine territories.     

This is in short about the person that will carry US-Ukrainian partnership. No one knows what it will be like, but analysing the methods and ways this man worked, on his previous appointments we can still get the idea of what it will be like with Ukraine.