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Published:March 25th, 2007 12:50 EST
Be My Friend

Be My Friend

By Sital Bhull

I have just started  writing something about myself and my aspirations about friendship, with a hope that I will be connected to the whole world, not only electronically but also emotionally with the great intellectuals of every new dimension of the thinking pattern. And this is what I think I must do, not only me, but for every young person like me should do to be within the GLOBALISATION phenemona that matters most.

Let me introduce myself.  I am Sital Singh Bbhull, a 20 year old hunk, with an all time positive attitude and contentness. By profession, I am a student of B.pharm. My country is the heavenly land, mostly popular and prosperous for its natural bounties of what we all feel proud of.  It is no other then NEPAL (a Himalayan country).

I live in the far western region of Nepal and at the present time, I am in the capital [Katmandu] to purse my higher studies. In addition to that, I am a student of the 21'st century that has a lot of aspiration and hope for a better future, largely based on my commitments to fulfill them through the cooperation among friends and intellectuals, by sharing views and ideas, I am a firm believer of the"Learning by doing process".

The main reason that I am interested in the Student Operated Press (i.e. Internet) is to be in touch with people around the world within minutes.  This is very constructive for sharing ideas, committments for making peace and a better world.  I believe that I will find myself fortunate by having a platform that will allow others to hear me and for me to hear them. I am here to broaden the horizon of my knowledge through sharing all the information and the experiences that I have and all that other people have to share with me.

I love reading books.  Making friends all across the world is my passion and listening to music keeps me calm and relaxed. Here is a quote from a song that I would like to share with my new friends, “LET’S JOIN THE CIRCLE OF FRIENDSHIP, ONE THAT BEGINS AND NEVER THAT ENDS."