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Published:April 4th, 2007 08:43 EST
Ukraine Left Without Parliament: Or not?

Ukraine Left Without Parliament: Or not?

By Ann Poludenko

In Ukraine, one of the biggest countries in Europe, president dissolved the Parliament, although it is still working. The major deputes say they have all rights to go on working. People from different regions of the country come to the capital to take part in meetings to support their political powers.

On April 2, 2007, late in the night, Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko signed a decree dissolving Parliament. He said that the elections would take place on the 27th of May.

President Yushchenko held a meeting in his office before he presented the document of dissolution. During his speech the president repeated that he considers the parliament majority to be illegitimate. He stated that this illegitimacy is a result of infringements that he says took place during the process used to form a coalition of ruling powers." According to President Yushchenko, this opinion is reason enough to dissolve the parliament. The main issue is that the coalition is over-extended due to deputies crossing from oppositional parties. The president said that such "individual membership" is inadmissible.

Viktor Yushchenko announced, "Today I signed a decree about discontinuing Vrhovna Rarad`s credentials."""My actions," he continued, "are ruled by the need to guarantee the State its sovereignty, territorial integrity and to preserve and maintain the Highest Law."

Meanwhile, there is uncertainty surrounding the pre-term elections that might take place in May. Verhovna Rada, of Parliament, presented the president`s decree to the Constitutional Court." The Court may find reasons to rule the decree of dissolution to be non-constitutional.

Such a Constitution Court ruling could cause an immediate confrontation." The ruling coalition may accuse the President Yushchenko of usurping power. In fact, the Parliament could begin impeachment procedures after all.
"We consider that there are bases for the dialogue," said the coordinator of coalition majority Raisa Bogatureva, "but the president`s claims regarding the illegitimacy of the coalition, we consider being groundless. The coalition is formed according to the Constitution."

When the President announced his decision to dissolve the Parliament, representatives of coalition were prepared." "Pre-term sitting of Verhovna Rada took place one hour before the official promulgation of the decree. The parliamentary majority of deputies voted with the Speaker Olexander Moroz and upheld his proposal not to obey the President`s decree.
" If the decree is made with Constitutional infringements, no one has to obey it." said Speaker Moroz as he insists there is no basis for the dissolution of Parliament.

From early morning supporters of coalition gathered near the building of "Verhovna Rada. Most came from eastern and southern parts of Ukraine. They set up tents in the park and demanded that Parliament not be dissolved.The protestors did not wait until President Yushchenko announced his decree of dissolution." As the meeting ended, though, the people shouted several times, "We will win!"

The protestors then divided into groups and went away.