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Published:April 6th, 2007 05:40 EST
Modern Patterns For Models

Modern Patterns For Models

By Ann Poludenko

The Twentieth Ukrainian Fashion Week took place in Ukraine. This event caused many to speculate about what will be fashionable next year and ponder the question regarding body fashion."

Ukrainian models are scrawny but, for most European model agencies, they are too tall. Where is the border between a slim and a"gaunt, skinny frame? How long will emaciated models continue parading on runways in these small-sized fashions?"

Modern demands on fashion models fly in the face of medical norms. The well-known formula 90-60-90 was discarded in the late 1990`s." A new standard of beauty appeared. According to the new standard, the parameters of a model must be 80-58-86." The largest modeling agencies look for models that fit this new formula. Such girls are called "size zero."

The transition to size zero has brought about many tragedies. Models have died of physical exhaustion and malnutrition. Two Latin-American models died of anorexia in 2006."

Brazilian model, Anna Carolina Reston, died in November 2006. Her close friend said that for the last years of her life, the girl ate only apples and tomatoes. At the age of 21, her weight was 40 kilos." Luisa Ramos from Uruguay starved to death six months ago. Her food allowance contained salad leaves and dietetic drinks."

"Don`t fashion designers see the models who present their cloths on the stage?" wondered one Fashion TV audience member. Off the record, designers confess that it is just more comfortable for them to have such skinny models. "Clothes look better on skinny models," one designer said candidly, "and it is easier to construct garments using smaller patterns.""

There are many organizations and social groups around the world that stand for the women`s right to look healthy. Spanish specialists were first to protest against the tendency of new body standards-- standards that, several years ago, would have been attributed to exhaustion."

The Spanish Minister of Health gathered together leaders from the large fashion houses." The Minister explained to them that the size of clothes should reflect the real size of Spanish women. "Normal Spanish women don`t have 36 or even 38 sizes, unless they are seriously ill", said the minister. "

According to the doctor`s report, 1-2% of world population suffers from anorexia." Additionally, fashion size discrepancies can increase indifference and cause depression."

Argentina selected other methods to prevent the spread of anorexia. They adopted a law that requires manufacturers of teen apparel to produce garments beginning with size 42.

In Brazil, it is forbidden to display small-sized clothes in store windows. Models who take part in fashion shows are required to have a health certificate. "

This new body fashion type continues to create many scandals. In Britain, for example, popular model Kate Moss sparked weight-loss frenzy among teens." Young girls refused to eat. Many of them developed anorexia or bulimia. British authorities actively discussed the tendency. As a result, "unhealthy models" were not allowed to participate."

Later, the British Fashion Council rejected the restriction in favor of just suggesting that models should have a healthy look. As for Kate Moss, she tried to vindicate herself by claiming that she is naturally very skinny."

During a press conference in Milan, world famous designer Giorgio Armani declared, "The successful fashion world does not need models who suffer from anorexia. Models who are too skinny are unacceptable; there is no luster in their eyes.""

In 2006, Italian Fashion Chamber (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana) and "Alta Roma" association signed a deal. According to their agreement, only models with a medical certificate will be engaged in fashion shows. As part of the agreement, fashion designers will limit their collections to sizes 40-42. By doing this, they hope to promote the Mediterranean body type as the perfect image of beauty.

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