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Published:April 13th, 2007 05:17 EST
Elections in Ukraine - To be or not to be?

Elections in Ukraine - To be or not to be?

By Ann Poludenko

The government declared that it would not give money for the non-termed elections. Members of the Council of National Security of Ukraine voted for the decision to take money for elections from the governmental reserve fund. Deputies from governmental coalition voted against it. Now, Constitutional Court must make the final decision.

According to recent surveys, more than 70% of Ukrainians will take part in these elections, if they take place. Ukrainian political forces accepted the information about the non-termed elections differently. It depends on the guidelines of the party. 

The members of coalition show that they are not going to risk their deputies’ places ahead of schedule. Although, a week ago the head of governmental coalition-- the prime minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich-- said that he could not even accept the idea about non-termed elections. Today he said, “If the president Viktor Yushchenko and his supporters take uncomplying position, the pressure in the country will increase.” The prime minister also mentioned that his party was not afraid of elections. In case they take place out of term, “Reelections to the Parliament are possible together with presidential reelections,” added Viktor Yanukovish.

Oppositional parties “Bloc of Julia Timoshenko” (BJT) and “Our Ukraine” are working this week arranging the parties’ lists of candidates for the elections. They will be based on those of last year, with very little changes.

Representatives of “Our Ukraine” party are actively getting ready for elections as well. They declared the creation of two headquarters. “Technological headquarter is dislocated in the party’s office, and intellectual will be on Bankova street, where the honorable president of the Party Viktor Yushchenko works,” said Boris Bespalui the deputy.
Still, the other parties that form the governmental coalition the Communist’s party and Socialists “bide the right position”.

“Less than 30 parties will take place in the non-termed election,” say representatives of Electoral Committee of Ukraine. They expect that less people will take part in this year's election (if they will be held), compared with previous ones. Those who attend will vote actively for the parties that are not represented now in the Parliament “because people got tired of what they see today”.

More that 4 thousand people take part in meetings in Kyiv, the capital of the country. Daly on the squares appear more groups of young people that take part in meetings, but will unlikely take part in elections in next several years, as they are too young. “They are paid 15-20 grivnas ($3-4) per hour for their participation in meetings,” quarrel representatives of opposition. However, people from both sides are peaceful. They gather on “their” squares, listen to musical concerts that are organized for them, shout out some mottos, as well as names of the leaders of parties they support.