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Published:April 17th, 2007 07:55 EST

To Change the World by Changing Myself

By Suren Hossein

"We have gathered here together to change the world," my friend at the SOP told me.  Since then, I have been thinking that, to change the world, as I heard from one of my close friends, I must first change myself.

It is simply amazing to make changes in spite of so many barriers. At first, you should ask yourself, "Is it possible to alter existence?" It is a great task, unfortunately; too big to alter. However, my mate told me it is possible if " if we change ourselves initially.
Good advice, but now the question is how can we alter ourselves?
I remember a Paulo Coelho`s story that I once read.  It was about a father ordering his son to sort the puzzle of a map of the world. He wanted to busy his son so that he might cease the moment with many curious questions. However, the boy returned very soon. The man asked him how he assembled the puzzle so quickly of the world.  He had believed the task was too difficult for his son.
"How have you solved this puzzle of the world so fast?" he asked his son.
"I did not solve the puzzle of the world, Father, I sorted a man`s picture on the back of the puzzle and the map is sorted automatically."
Result: I have to being sorted first to sort the world.
My first article for the SOP was published on February 1, 2007, incredibly.  I say incredibly, because I never thought that one day I would be able to write in English. I know so many people interested in writing essays for TheSop. I am so proud to be part of TheSop and I am so glad to have found so many new friends.

Ok, so we gathered here to change the world. I believe we can do it as a result of changing ourselves. I am so happy to learn that the Sop will soon add a gallery and cartoons to show more aspects of the world. The Sop will be an even greater place with these two new sections. 

I hope to stay a part of the SOP forever, my friends. New doors have opened unto me.  To see new ideas that are so touching.  Our dream to change the world may come true someday. Help us make this dream come true.

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