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Published:October 5th, 2007 11:07 EST
Young Mr. Prashanta Tamang Named Third Indian Idol

Young Mr. Prashanta Tamang Named Third Indian Idol

By Subash Lamichhane

T. S. Eliot wrote, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”  Mr. Prashant Tamang proved this true when he was named the third Indian Idol of India.  His victory has brought so much delight to all Nepalese and the people from West Bengal and Sikkim.

The final contest between Tamang and Amit Paul, the only two survivors of Indian Idol, ended the tough, six-month-long competition when the new Indian Idol was announced.

Prashant benefited much from the votes he received from Nepal and from India.  Prashant received 7 crores votes following his September 23 performance.  He won about 70 million votes which finally secured his position as the new Indian Idol of the year.  (One crore = approximately 10 million.)

Prashanta is from the place called Darjeeling, a very beautiful and very popular destination with tourists.  Following the Anglo-Nepal War, 1814-1816, also called the Gurkha War, between Nepal and the British East India Company, Nepal had to sign the Treaty of Sugauli which caused Nepal to lose one-third of its land.  Darjeeling, Sikkim belonged to Nepal and the majority of people living in those places are Nepalese.

In Sikkim and Darjeeling, Nepalese is still the mother language. During the Gorkha Land movement, India suppressed and arrested many freedom fighters who wanted to make Darjeeling and Sikkim free from India. But these days, such incidents are rare.  The Indian government secures Nepali culture and language.  Consequently, people living within these places are happy.

It is very true that only those with guts can make it. Prashanta is the example of it.  He served with the Indian police and he didn’t even know how to play any musical instrument, nor did he take part in any musical competitions. He has only his voice which he brought with him by birth, and now his mellow voice has made him the Indian Idol.

Udip Narayan Jha, the most famous singer of India, is also of Nepali origin and he was one of the judges in the competition. To be able to vote for Prashanta Tamang, many Nepalese traveled from Nepal to Darjeeling and Sikkim.

Mr.Prashanta Tamang was seen in Nepali customs on the final day of competition and this made Nepalese feel that no matter where we are, no matter where this life takes us, no matter what people do with us, our souls, our hearts and our blood are Nepalese.  We are Gorkhali.  Brave.  Strong.  Optimistic.

Mr. Prashant Tamang has united the people. He has made people from Darjeeling and Sikkim believe that being Nepali is heavenly glory.  One of the songs he sang on the Indian Idol, which he sang in Nepali language, described all these: Jaaba Summa Chandra ra Surya aakash ma rahancha taba samma huncha aafani Jangi Nisan Hamro.  In Nepalese this means “Glory can never fade while there is sun and moon in the sky.”

This is praying that Nepal will stand united and will always be the roof of the world where love, kindness and the moral values that our ancestors lived with will be able to flourish throughout the world.

Mr. Prashanta, you have been Everest to the Nepali nationality and culture. Our mountains shall forever smile for the victory you have gained.