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Published:October 8th, 2007 15:19 EST
Orange Angels

Orange Angels

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Good news for the Cameroonian youth. Recently, no more is the word bored on their lips this summer holiday. Orange Cameroon, one of the largest telecommunication network companies, came up with the initiative, called Orange-Angel, and employed 600 youth nationwide, ages 18 to 25.  The nature of their jobs was designed in three phases following the three-month holiday from July to October.  Each phase contained a three- day training workshop.

Fortunately, I was one of the selected few. And personally, I don`t think the choice of the name Orange Angel was a mistake. It`s obviously literal.  The name speaks for itself.

This Network initiative was the first of its kind from a company in the country. No matter that its primary aim is to sell the image of the company, that is, through a door-to-door sensitisation on the new Orange services and offers-- just the code #111# will access all of her useful information and will also enlightened clients on current services and offers.

In addition, Orange Cameroon wants to know the number of clients who use certain services and how often-- for example, MMS, Fun tones, Internet, Favorite number electronic refills and the like.  Of course, they do welcome any suggestions that may aid the improvement of their system.

Nevertheless, assuming knowledge gained is never lost, this implies that, with the three days training, the angels acquire knowledge which will serve as a working experience as they find themselves in the job market; and, besides, the angels were promised to be given a package at the end of the last phase.  Hopefully, this will help them prepare for the academic year 2007-2008.  Moreover, it reduced the number of idle fellow brothers and sisters.

Among all these benefits, some of the drawbacks were late coming.  For example, both Angels and supervisors failed to respect the time constraints.  Whenever we were behind schedule, the job became stressful because it was designed with respect to a particular time of the day.

Furthermore, in the field, it wasn`t that smooth.  Some of the clients were rude and unwilling to give information.

Conclusion:  If I must comment, I will say, irrespective of our differences, Orange Cameroon was FUN and a brilliant experience to witness.

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