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Published:December 31st, 2007 03:09 EST


By Kathryn Were Omwandho

Editor's note: This article is published exactly as submitted to the SOP. 

am sorry am not going to  write this article grammatically because, I honestly am not concerned about grammatical errors, at this time. THEY ARE KILLING US. last night 8 loads of the mungiki sect member who are kikuyu by tribe, were taken to kibera slums all morning women and children were allowed out of the slums but the luo men are bieng killed as we speak and they are circumsicing the dead bodies. truck loads of dead bodies are being taken to the city mortury truck loads, WHY??!!!!!!!! broadcast this tell the world. ethnic cleansing is taking place as we speak and the media has been gagged we cant do jack!. am in the news room and i'm filing all these story but i cant do a thing, i've cried till i cant cry anymore, this is 2007 this government has failed us. the international community closed thie eyes in the begining of the rwandan genocide, please dont do it again this time. Am luo i hope i'll live to write another article.