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Published:January 16th, 2008 14:02 EST
Madhes, CA Election and International Community

Madhes, CA Election and International Community

By Krishna Hari Pushkar

Cordial Invitation to participate in an online exclusive discussion:

Dear All,

We have decided to put the topic "Madhes, CA Election
International Community" as major discussion topic of this week;
therefore, it will be great if you will write your comments, views,observation and suggestions on the issues.

Please be informed that all significant writings and conversational transactions will be submitted to all concerned, governmental, parliamentary, judiciary,constitutional  and political authorities and superior political personalities of Nepal.

Also, it could be possible to use your writings for media reports and research analysis. Therefore, if you will provide your email signature in your writing, it will be highly appreciated.

1.  Is it possible to conduct CA Election in due time without resolving the crisis of Madhes before CA election?

2.  Since Madhes is suffering with various armed and unarmed insurgencies, in such ground, is it possible to resolve such huge crisis charismatically within rest few days of CA election? If yes, how and what would be best ideas to resolve the issue in charismatic way?

3.  What would be the best role and possible contribution of International community (including India and UNMIN) to resolve the Madhes issues and build a harmonious environment for CA election?

4.  What about the legitimacy and validity of CA election if the majorities of Madhesi political powers as well as insurgent groups ignore and disturb the CA election, in case government try to impose CA election without solving Madhesi issue? Does it suffer with the similar status as local election (7% vote were cast only) conducted during direct Gyanendra regime?

5.  Is there any best idea, ways and approach to solve the Madhesi issues through peaceful means and conduct CA election in due time?  Please give some descriptive and empirical recommendations.

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