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Published:January 16th, 2008 06:39 EST
UBSU Politics 1

UBSU Politics 1

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Manifesto, the latest hit on campus.  All I see and hear on campus and student residential is vote for " "

The University of Buea student union (UBSU) started 2 years ago. Some dedicated student thought it wise for a student union to be on campus. It wasn`t that easy for the union to be legalized by the state officials, but after a series of fights ", dispute in acrimony that lead to some students` death, valued properties destroyed, the student union came to be. All the same, their protest became the catalyst for a positive change in the student community.

UBSU has 3 organs:

Autonomous General Assembly which involves the entire student body, followed by the legislative council, in other words, the ministers (parliament) having 2 representatives from each Faculty, Bachelors with 3 years program, 4 from B.A or B.Sc. 4 years, and 8 delegates from Masters program, same with PhD. student.

These ministers execute decisions and are also stratified into different posts of responsiby such as P.R.O., Deputy Secretary.

Finally, Council executive made up of 14 members headed by the chairman and co chairman. They are appointed officers and,, only if deemed necessary, will be brought to the general assembly for voting.

Initially, the primary colours were green, red, and yellow. Just like the Cameroon flag. But Tanyi claim that hardly did more than 2 candidates submit their candidature. So, the third colour was just to make up. What a coincidence!


Before the primaries, 3rd Dec. 2007, council delegates were elected. Dec. 4th 2007, the primary that lasted for a week, surprisingly, more than 8 candidatures. Friday 11, Jan. 2008, after the councilors had deliberated and, following certain legal norms, 5 candidates were eligible for the candidacy, but just Green, Red and Yellow parties existed. Thus, the creation of these other 2 parties; White & Blue giving a total of 5 parties.

I know you wonder the change? I was then informed that the UBSU Constitution doesn`t stipulate the number of parties but, for term of office, which is 1 academic year, renewable once. Just like the case of the former and present chairman. But, am pretty sure in the nearest future, the constitution will be revise, if not, I proposed Mathius and Ricardo`s school of thought be put in play. But here, we`ll not look at population in relation with land mass resources, instead to what I refer to as frivolity.

Now the news in full,  "A Vote 4 "is a Vote 4 "` is the new anthem on campus.

Two years ago, Red party set the precedent; then, followed by Green. Let`s wait and see who will lead the students the school year 2007-2008.

Following their campaign speech;

Join the Red, to rescue UBSU from corruption, embezzlement, poor public images and this will only be a success, if there are Red votes for Shipuh .P. Paul as President.

A Green vote is a vote to fight for student rights, good welfare. With Tememu Asahchop as president, he is the servant who has come with democratic principles for a better university campus.

Yellow party is assuring that a Yellow vote, is a useful vote. Baramarks as president will be for real and will represent the students; Aggregation, Articulation & Defense the students` right. And note that the good of the people is the chief law.

A White party vote is for constructive and dynamic leadership, well-equipped laboratories, peace and harmony, special assistance to the handicapped and a creation of welfare board for student.

Finally, the Blue; a new birth, a creation letting the student remember that coming together is the beginning; keeping together is progress and working together is a success. Also, real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination, these leaders are like eagles, they don`t flock, and you find them one at a time.

So a vote for Afu .E. Aneng (legal mind) as president under the new-vision Blue party, he is that leader who seeks to challenge the process, inspire a shared vision, enable others to act, modeling the way, encouraging the hearts. Moreover, he is a reliable personality, well organized, able to prioritize workload, loves working as a team, can cope under pressure, self-starter and a good problem solver (trouble shooter).

Yes! Papa.

All that starts well ends well.

But, I wont find it funny if I come to realize all is just Big Talks with no Actions.

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