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Published:April 1st, 2008 14:05 EST
PanAfricanism Failing Due to Man Complexity

PanAfricanism Failing Due to Man Complexity

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

What kind of society can you build upon the rubble of old ones? "

Today is term a "modern era` of which I still think the world needs to undergo another renaissance. If not, are we sure generations to come wouldn`t challenge us and change the philosophy instead to modify. This I often ponder though in wonders, haven`t realized that the planets are filling with egotists.

To elucidate and using some continents as examples;

Europe thought it`s wise to have a common currency, yet some totally and completely denied the idea.

Previously, religion, especially Islam, was one but today while Islam has divided into the Sunni & Shai, Christianity is either catholic, protestants " with each follower of any of the religion saying his religion preaching is the ultimate, hence he who is not among them is lost. Good luck! And criticize none, just do your best in life.

In America continent, some demarcated themselves as first-world citizens and taking the others for second, third "class citizens, have they forgotten they all belong to the same continent?

Asia with India seen as a subcontinent, actually I have little or nothing to say, but they are not exempted from the wahala.

Yes, papa! Africa, a continent of more than 53 countries known already. History tells us that it`s just 50+ years when most of our colonial masters left Africa and today some great men want to complete things which wise men like Nkrumah "left uncompleted PAN AFRICANISM.

What is PanAfricanism? What has he set as objectives and goals to be achieved?

Dr. Ngwane

PanAfricanism is the resistance by Africans to be colonized and neo colonized. It was founded as far back as the 18th century. There have been 3 waves of PanAfricanism:

Before 1900 this was the first wave which was what could be termed the anti-racist pan Africanism. It was concerned with the search for a common ancestry, focusing on African`s identity and to assume a cultural dimension.

The second wave started in 1945 which also may be termed anti-colonial panafricanism because it was concerned with the search for a political freedom. It focused on independence and assumed a political dimension which was realized although some of our leaders sold us back.

Today falls in the third wave which is being articulated by the critical generation as the African-nationalist panafricanism because it focuses on an indigenous African statehood and assumed a multi-lateral dimension. This will only be achieving through Africa unification, and hardly will crisis like that in Zimbabwe " occur.

With the present situation in some Africa countries such as Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Chad, Togo, Ivory Coast "where constitutional amendment or increase in presidential mandate is the latest anthem. Besides the fact that most of them have been in power more than 25+ years. These guys are the only commander-in-chief, when they command, we reply, "Yes, sir!" They have made us to understand that the boss is never wrong.

President Muammar Gadhafi of Libya who has been in power since 1969 till date re-brought the idea of PanAfricanism (united nations/states of Africa).

A good and brilliant idea but looking at the people`s concerns, how convincing are you telling the public that PanAfricanism will be feasible, possible and not a theoretical dream? Given that everything is possible, who will be president?

Dr. Ngwane

United Nations of Africa is possible, feasible. But the problem is the way to achieve it. Society is not willing to accept this notion of panafricanism; they are more concern about politics, tribal wars "forgetting that Africa unification becoming a success will be of all our interest. Others propose that this will only be realize when conflicts within clans, tribes, nations "are solved whereas some think that let us commence by reunifying regional associations like ECOWAS, CEMAC "honestly, if we decide to wait till that day where conflicts or regional sectors will unite before initiating united states of Africa, I bet you, that day will never come.

Another trouble is the "who will be the president?` Whenever United States of Africa is mentioned in any Africa summit, they always say we say it because we want to be president. Although some PanAfricanists says let United States of Africa be a nation governed by a president, which personally I know that will never work.  I am fully for the opinion who thinks that United States of Africa will be this autonomous union that enforces the power of Africa unions` chairman thus through this Africa will have a common tariff policy e.g. foreign investors will not  bargain differently within countries, IMF and its agents will not exploit Africa.

Moreover Africa will have a common foreign, economy; Defense policies, above all, will adopt a common language. Africa shall benefit good road network, communication facilities and will avoid visa crisis and freedom of movement. Imagine, when going to South Africa I need to take a week to prepare my visa and am charges like somebody traveling to America. So this could be achieve not necessarily does it need a president before it`s realized and the only means to enjoy our benefits which is being taken from us is to unite.

Why do some intellectual/historians take Nkrumah for a dictator?

Dr. Ngwane

Nkrumah could have been regarded as a dictator, but I take him for a benevolent dictator. Know that in governance, one man`s dictatorship might be another man`s democracy. Let`s not be stereotype with definitions, I know the Western countries consider a nation as democratic when elections are conducted and he who wins thus democracy was practiced, that I don`t think is true. Besides, what is democracy when the nation can`t afford bread and butter? I don`t know why whenever it has to do with Africa that is when people search for the word democracy from their vocabulary. Recently, the Russia presidential election where Vladimir Puttin was chosen by Mickael Gorbachev to take over, and be the chief in command although there were elections. Again, Tony Blaire just handed power to Golden Brown without elections being conducted, in such a case the issue of democracy is not a call for concern, but if something like that happened in Africa, oh my God! The world would have sung choruses upon choruses describing how democracy works. I am not for the fact that people should remain in power for too long, but we have to understand that Africa has a culture which is identical, so let`s not mixed up with the Western system.    


Dr. Ngwane George, author of "way forward for Africa.`

Executive Director of Africaphonie.

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