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Published:June 4th, 2008 13:58 EST
What is Terror Now?

What is Terror Now?

By Rasha Lamba

September 11, 2001 was the day in which a gruesome blood play was played by the kings of all time--  terrorism. We cannot even dream one part of the suffering and grave sadness of the victims and they`re left alone forever, of that day and every day of an attack and devastation, as a result of some foolish thoughts of really ghostly groups of men and women.

In other words, we can call them "Zombies." These people only talk death, smell death and create a curse of deadly shadow from wherever they cross. What can we expect from these living deeds? They have converted our lively, beautiful world into a a ground of sacrifice. To create terror and causing innocent people to be terrified exists from early centuries. For example, consider King Henry 8th or Hitler the Furor and now new terror kings and new hunting pleasures. Now, modern people, modern times and modern ways of terrorism.

Modernism and hi-tech science combining made terrorists and terror more fluent. One can find a terror teacher and of course different kinds of them from first degree enthusiast to a third degree althrough the Internet is just a few minutes away from your thoughts. They are so truthful in their cruel understanding and thoughts, and revealing how good are they, sacrifices are necessary for surplus luxuries in the heaven, how to get a terror teacher to get a perfect guidance for involvement in terrifying events with all basis joined together such as money, religion, loathes, foods anything related to this physical world. So, they are successful in penetrating the brains of many illiterate (availed at a large), literate but unemployed harassed by our society type of masses.

The media and the news channels are adding glitter to them by taking interviews of these group of men and women, about their massive attacks, how they have done all and their, so called, moral behind every act. Sometimes, the journalists are going to them after a sweet, but heavy, invitation from them or they are getting precious tapes of these terror people talking, performed by somebody always in connection.

So, it is obvious that these brilliant interviews are one-on-another cross questioning with cruel depressing questions to whom? Those poor soldiers, commanders who really are half-alive after any war. War for civilization, border, terror or any war. But these media persons are really soft in questioning to those terror creatures (But, they are brave as, at least, they are talking to a terrorist).Oh! Sweet domination of god of terror, every politician, presidents and who-on-who are so polite.

Now, we can plainly call them dirt of democracy. Honorable president of one and only great America, Mr. Bush the furious, is still soft to Mr. Musharraff telling him every time they meet to get rid of all terrorist one by one (as it sounds Mr. M knows the hideouts), but still a president has to be a negotiator and patient type; so, for this reason, there is a delay. About the Indian Prime Minister, smiling but strict when there is a question of punishment and that of an international hunted terrorist.

Yes, Abu Salem, India celebrated the day when Abu Salem was brought to India from the Portugal hand, who is the main criminal of the serial bomb blasts in Bombay some years earlier. But, what! We have forgotten he has been brought to India by our good politicians for some noble cause. No, I am not giving him punishment of death, so that the souls of the victims and their relatives get some relief of the pain, they are suffering, here I am talking about Mr. Abut Salem`s taking part in politics.

As we all know, politics is something noble in this modern times, why? Because anybody from anywhere I am restricted within earth till now can enter here, from Hollywood`s most alcoholic to brown sugar business billionaire, now terrorists getting responsible job of upgrading people and their development. As dawood Ibrahim like Adnan Khashogi is busy in his business of building palaces, hideouts under very secure atmosphere. Building restaurants complexes, giving jobs, I mean employment to the going to get killed anytime type of people.

So, everything is going simultaneously and soothingly. What we have to keep in mind is to give birth to a new generation, flourish them and wait to see them killed. Then, " one fine day" will come when there will be a president of us from this terror community, a vice president to encourage him and a lot of officers for running here and there as how plots very cruel but necessary plans for our societies are going on. Talking about terror is not so easy, it deepens, penerates and then bursts out as we go forward, unendingly.