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Published:July 5th, 2008 16:09 EST
Students Stabbed 250 Times: Terrorism, Drug Deal Gone Bad Or Burglary?

Students Stabbed 250 Times: Terrorism, Drug Deal Gone Bad Or Burglary?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sensational and brutal crimes are not the sole province of the United States, the recent horrific murder of two French students in the U.K. made international headlines:

"Crazed killers knifed two innocent students nearly 250 times in a frenzied attack similar to a gruesome torture scene in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Students Stabbed 250 Times

Best pals Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, both 23, were bound and gagged while the blade-wielding psychos hacked away at their helpless bodies.

Then the murderers tried to cover their tracks by setting the butchered corpses alight with petrol before firebombing the ground-floor flat."

Students Stabbed 250 Times

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This gruesome crime has so many intriguing elements that it leaves us wondering if it`s a simple murder or something more sinister.

England has draconian gun-control laws, it`s almost impossible to obtain a firearm through legal or illegal means. But if an individual is bent on murder and mayhem, he will use a toothpick if that`s the only available tool. Banning guns won`t stop the bloodlust that sadly is an inherent part of the human condition. Recently Britain has seen a rash of murders committed by criminals using knives, but this is the most sensational crime of this kind.

It doesn`t take more than a few thrusts of a knife to ensure that a person is dead, slit his throat, puncture his heart, and stab him in the temple and he is sure to be killed. When a victim is stabbed over a hundred times, that`s overkill with a message.

Was this a deal gone bad with the message delivered being: Don`t screw with drug dealers? This seems a highly unlikely theory, Bonomo and Ferez were bio-chemistry college students with no criminal records in France or in England.

Was this a new kind of terrorism?

"Dr Holmes, a senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, said: "The barbarism used on these young men goes way beyond the work of some of our worst serial killers.

`They were sending out a public message. Even terrorism is a possible line of inquiry.`"

Quotation from DailyStar.Co.UK

Terrorism can`t be ruled out, but it seems highly unlikely. Residents of urban areas are inured to brutal acts of violence. When I lived in Oakland, CA rival gangs engaged in a firefight using automatic weapons in a mall across the street from where I worked. I actually witnessed the fools shooting at each other from my window. The firefight was the topic of conversation in the morning, but by the afternoon we were discussing sports, the weather and our incompetent boss. Murder and mayhem is just part of the urban landscape of any major American city.

Maybe it was just a simple burglary perpetrated by sadistic criminals. Maybe the unfortunate college students were tortured and murdered for two game consoles. Evil rarely makes any sense.

Drug deal gone bad? Terrorism? Burglary? I don`t know, but my thoughts go out to the friends and family of the victims.

We shouldn`t become too depressed when we read stories like this. Sadistic behavior is not the norm for human beings, most people are kind and compassionate and eschew violence.