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Published:October 26th, 2008 11:44 EST
Obama Endorsements: Who's Who of America Haters

Obama Endorsements: Who's Who of America Haters

By John Lillpop

Obama Endorsements: Who`s Who of America Haters
Barack Obama has racked up more than a few endorsements from foreign enemies of the United States as well as all of the traditional leftists in the business of domestic chaos.

A partial list of Obama endorsements to date should be enough to dissuade any patriot citizen from throwing in with Barack Obama, the communist non-citizen:

Fidel Castro

Hugo Chavez

Louis Farrakhan

Ari Larijani, Speaker of the Iranian Parliament

Ahmed Yousuf, Hamas political adviser

Most of Hollywood

San Francisco

The New York Times, Los Angeles, and Most Leftist publications


In addition, Obama is a huge favorite among the masses in Europe and China, where the best interests of America and her people are not a priority.

Citizen alert: Think very carefully before joining the likes of Fidel Castro and Louis Farrakhan in supporting a man whose candidacy would be humorous if the stakes were not so high.