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Published:March 11th, 2009 10:40 EST
Cameroon Gossip: A Rundown of Monthly Briefings From Local Journals Nationwide

Cameroon Gossip: A Rundown of Monthly Briefings From Local Journals Nationwide

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Press review on Cameroon gossip, February.


Press review on Cameroon gossip is a rundown of monthly briefings from local journals nationwide. It focuses on burning issues within the nation, as well as other local info including "what I think`.


ELECAM members sworn to defy CPDM Election riggers


The 12 members of Election Cameroon, ELECAM, have pledged to ignore any eventual pressure from people who would want to rig elections for the ruling CPDM party or any other party in the country.

They vowed to give Cameroonians free, fair and transparent elections during a solemn ceremony at the Supreme Court in Yaoundé on January 29th.


Speaking to the post shortly after taking the oath of office, most of the ELECAM members said the law gives them the latitude to do their job in all independence. They told their critics and skeptics that they have completely divorced themselves from their past and have taken the pledge before history and would even bite the proverbial finger that feeds them in order to give Cameroonians credible elections.


SDF had prepared to commemorate February 2008 martyrs


The littoral regional Chairman of the SDF, jean Michel Nintcheu, disclosed that the party hierarchy had endorsed a programme drawn up by the littoral SDF to immortalize the youths murder in the city by troops during the February 25-28 uprising.


The activities in memory of the fallen youths took place in Douala from February 23-27. The organizers have baptized the week of the commemoration "week of the martyrs`.


Youth day is distortion of historical facts


A historian, Dr. Dze-Ngwa, says the appellation Youth Day used in place of plebiscite day that too place on February 11, 1961, is historical misnomer.


Dr. Ngwa talked to the post in an interview recently during celebration marking this year`s youth day that February 11th, 1961 is the day Southern Cameroon voted to gain independence through reunification with La Republique du Cameroun: To call it Youth Day is not correct. There is no historic relationship between the youths and February 11th at a time Southern Cameroonians celebrated the day yearly as Empire Day. According to Dr. Ngwa, youth day was President Ahmadou Ahidhjo`s coinage which does not reflect the spirit of the plebiscite.


There will be no Elections in Cameroon


The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, has declared that his party will not allow any elections in Cameroon under the supervision of the CPDM dominated ELECAM and the present electoral laws. He was addressing journalist during a press conference on Sunday, February 1st, at his Ntarikon residence.


Fru Ndi told to resign


A Yaoundé-based civil society organization, the Foundation for Human Rights and Development, FHRD, has called on the SDF Chairman to resign , and has dismisses Fru Ndi`s call on Cameroonians to boycott ELECAM as a meaningless appeal that further fuels the current voter apathy.


 In an open letter to the opposition chieftain, dated February 14th, FHRD indicts Fru Ndi for encouraging voter apathy, thereby stalling the democratic process in the country.


"Please. Mr. Chairman, if you love the SDF and if you truly love democracy, kindly consider stepping aside on time. This will give room for the election of a new leader ahead of time before 2011. We are now urging you to, amongst other things consider retirement as the National Chairman of the SDF`.


               Signed: FHRD`s executive president Afanyi Ngeh.


CRTV Journalist Debunks HIV Infection Story against Him


CRTV journalist, George Kelong, has debunked a story on the internet that he has infected 3o women and a little boy with HIV/AIDs

Kelong describes the story as a malicious and a smear campaign by his enemies to sully his image.


In a write-up captioned Alarming HIV in CRTV Yaoundé: case study Kelong George"


American doctors say most Cameroonians are hypertensive


A team of doctors and nurses from the US, on a visit to Cameroon, were in Bamenda January 26-29, carrying out free consultation, free medication and free counseling.


Speaking to the press after a courtesy call to the chairman of Social Democratic Front, John Fru Ndi, the head of the medical team, Dr. Jackson, said top on common illnesses that kill Cameroonians is hypertension.


Ex-minister dies in prison, Etonde Ekoto critically sick while Atangana says his detention is illegal


Former Finance Minister under the late President Ahmadou`s regime, Andre Booto "a Ngon, reportedly died at about midnight on Thursday, February 12th at the general hospital, Yaoundé.


Booto, 75, who was Mbam and Inoubou MP from 2002-2007 died on the 76th birthday anniversary of Paul Biya, while waiting for the green light to be evacuated to France. It would be recalled that gendarmes arrested Booto in Bafia in July, 2008 in connection to embezzlement of public funds and the squandering of fcfa 6.5 billion.


On July 13th, the Mfoundi High Court sentences him to 40 years at the Kondengui prison.


What have I done to deserve this kind of humiliation? "Booto is quoted to have said in court, tears running down his cheeks.


Retired Colonel Eduardo Etonde Ekoto, former board Chairman of PAD, Douala port Authority, evicted from Douala general hospital, two months ago is now immobilized in wheelchair, suffering from a chronicle illness which becomes complicated day by day.


The former secretary General at the presidency of the republic, Jean-Marie Atangana Mebara, has protested against what he says is his illegal detention at the Kondengui prison. The erstwhile higher education minister became an inmate of the Kondengui prison after he was arrested on charges of the embezzlement of public funds on august 6th, 2008 with the help of lawyer, Barrister Claude Assira, the former minister protested against his continuous detention without trial, saying that it is at variance with the new criminal procedure code.

"What I think?`


There are different forms of struggle, different methods of fighting and also, diverse categories of war. Wars must not be a physical exchange of some objects wounding one another.


Every day people fight, people release bullets and exchange some of it. Why should people believe that it should take any of these forms before the word is use? No! Though, I feel that Cameroonians are battling what I describe as "cold war`, in the mental minds people are fighting but the physical minds tells the opposite of the entire being.


As I will always say; "I am the cause of my problems, I am responsible for all that I am facing`. So, shall we stop blaming people for the wrong makings? Stop blaming at all and do it as a responsibility to proactive for the betterment of Cameroon and its world.