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Published:April 11th, 2009 12:57 EST
Press review on Cameroon gossip, March  09

Press review on Cameroon gossip, March 09

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Press review on Cameroon gossip is a rundown of monthly briefings from local journals nationwide. It focuses on burning issues within the nation, as well as other local info including "what I think`.


Before we pop into Cameroon gossip, first! News behind news`


Few months ago, rumors had it that Prophet T B Joshua had prophesized that Cameroon is going to face a civilian battle immediately after the pope`s visit. Again, he added that if not careful, Cameroon is going to lose 2.7 million people.

Wow! 2.7 million Cash or humans, so, in order to counteract this lost, Cameroonians needed a 2.7 million Christians to pray and fast.


My question is why 2.7 Christians? So neither Muslims nor Bahia` are included, or have they forgotten that Cameroon is among the few country with multiple religious groups.


During the Pope`s visit to Cameroon, while some Cameroonians were happy being blessed to witness the Pope`s visit to Africa`s Jerusalem " Cameroon, majority of the Cameroonians were not very warmth about the Pope`s visit. To some, they suggested that the Pope would had gone to Northern Nigeria, Sudan where Christians are being slaughter daily not coming to Cameroon which hasn`t a religious conflict.


News behind news` again, I did a random sampling of opinions, so as to know which method will best transmit info/vibes to the Cameroonian public. In an impromptus interview formal;


Best milieu to grab Cameroon vibes (increasing order);








Oral vibes                           



Quarters gossips                           





Journalists jailed for investigating ENAM corruption

Two journalists and their informant are languishing in pre-trail detention at the Kondengui central prison in Yaoundé for attempting to unveil the bribery and corruption at the National School of Administration & Magistracy, ENAM. Zachaire Ndiomo, the publisher of Le Zenith newspaper, Armand Onddoua of Le Regional newspaper and their informant


Why businesses die prematurely in Cameroon

A good number of businesses do not meet the requirements to start up a business due to the lengthy nature of the procedures and also the cost incurred to commence a business in Cameroon. It takes close to two months and, approximately, fcfa one million to start up a Limited Liability Company in Cameroon. The business tax, which will be based on an estimated turnover will have to be paid, attracting a charge of over fcfa 50 000 in four day. A little above fcfa 1000 would be spent in one week to obtain the taxpayer`s card from the inspector of taxes in the area of jurisdiction of the business.


However, the reduction in both cost and time to start up a business will spur more people to take up business activities. Government will realize a revenue increase via her direct and indirect taxation policies. More jobs will be created and the general standard of living uplifted "


Cameroonian manufactures` three-wheel car

Three-wheel motor taxis manufactured by Cameroonian mechanical engineer, Masango Mpaco, have begun plying the municipalities of Kumba I, II, and III.


The taxis, painted white, red and green have a wheel in front and two tires behind.


Speaking to the post, Dr. Mpaco said that the innovation is to ease movement and reduces accidents within the Kumba municipality.



Teacher accused of insulting Biya faces trail on April 2nd.

Roland Fube, the teacher who was detained at Kondengui prison for insulting the president of the republic of Cameroon has been release on bail.


Lawyers discredit conflicting testimonies against Fru Ndi

Defense lawyers have discredited some testimonies in the trail of SDF Chairman, John Fru Ndi, and 21 of his militants.


Fru Ndi and his militants are accused of having played a part in the death of their late comrade, Gregoire Diboule, on May 26th, 2006. The defense panel led by Barrister Francis Sama and Joseph Mbah Ndam cross-examined the seven witnesses that appeared before the Mfoundi High Court on March 4th/5th.


Following the lawyers cross-examination, it was discovered that most of the witnesses made statements which were at variance with declarations they had earlier made during preliminary investigations, PI, at the gendarmerie and before the examining magistrate. One witness, Alexandra Ndehe, who claimed he heard their assailants on that day saying we should kill them as the chairman requested, ` could not tell the lawyers why he did not mention that in his previous statements.


Ex-provincial CAMAIR administrator re-arrested

The ex-provincial administrator of CAMAIR, Paul Ngamo was re-arrested at the judicial police headquarters in Yaoundé Thursday, March 5th.


Ngamo had reportedly showed up in respect of a summons, which he was served on March 4th. It would be recalled that Ngamo was first arrested in Yaoundé on January 8th and was whisked off to Douala, where he was interrogated by the same attorney general before being taken back to Yaoundé (the post No 01016).


Despite the arrest and subsequent detention of Ngamo, judicial authorities in Douala have not made any official statement concerning the accusations leveled against the CAMAIR ex-provincial administrator. It`s however; known that his arrest is linked to his mismanagement of national airlines, CAMAIR, for the three years he had serve the company.


A baobab fell in the forest but did they notice? In memory of B.B


And yet there was a time people had faith in this union without making any investigations. But I ask you; where is that faith now? It has vanished. So utterly! The bonds have snapped. We carry the scars of brotherhood` in a country so unaccustomed to candor Bate Besong 1993


A poem for B.B, by A.R.Agbor

I will swear mfam

Who told you the Obasinjom warrior is dead.

No beast to roar

To call the cobs home

For tigers and lions meet and part

No, not even in the forest of Ndekwai

But as the Tiger

The Obasinjom warrior

The Ema Nyamkpe show guy

Took the last lap home



B.B`s ultimate message to the children of former British southern Cameroon; they may despite and ignore us on the other site of the Mungo bridge; they may trample on our history, our literature, our culture, our people and our heroes; but as long as we never stop singing king Alpha`s song in a strange the day of reckoning will eventually come to pass.


So the baobab fell in the forest and they refused to notice? We don`t give a damn!!!!


Pope`s visit to Cameroon; people speak out!

People`s impressions on the pope`s visit are as follows;

The Pope`s visit has instead brought about trouble and bitterness. Business and residence around the Yaoundé city have been destroying instead.


Economic crisis; Cameroonians are benefiting nothing from the popes visit, popes visit has no value to Cameroon, Cameroon has gone deep in to misery since the nation  have   spent billions for his coming visit, thus another grade of economic hardship and finally the pope was an august visitor.


His holiness pope benedict XVI; welcome to Cameroon by Bernard Muna 

A lot has been written and said about the visit of his holiness to Cameroon. Some people wonder what the visit is all about or what benefits Cameroon will reap from it. Others deplore the billions of francs cfa that will be spend to receive our august visitor and suggest that it could have been better spent helping the poor both in the church and out of it.


I am not a Roman Catholic Christian but I heartily welcome the visit of the head of the world community of the Roman Catholics to Cameroon.


Memorandum from SDF to His Holiness Benedict XVI

The Pope`s visit to Cameroon: danger and repercussions

The visit of the Holy Father to Cameroon has been long and expectantly awaited by all Cameroonians of all creed and tribal shades. One would have expected that with the continuous visit of the pope to Cameroon, the ruling oligarchy under the Mr. Biya`s regime would have changed for the better.


Mr. Biya, a communicant in the Catholic Church; ironically, he has rejected all proposals given to him by the Catholic Church in Cameroon to organized a clear and transparent election.


Beyond spiritual rhetoric by Aloysius Agendia 

I have read with a lot of concern and interest what people are writing in different form concerning the Holy Father`s visit. The good and bad things are being said of his visit. However, I may not want to consider the visit as any favor rather than that, the pope is fulfilling his papal and spiritual obligation, though Christian cardinal Tumi, whom I admire so much and with under whom I have worked for long see it as a blessing from heaven that not withstanding, we are very happy to receive the supreme pontiff.


As an ex-seminarian and some one who believes he is serving God in his current capacity, my worry is that Men of God must go beyond spiritual rhetoric, typical of the nowadays, address real and concrete issues which affects people`s life daily.


SCNC Communication officer, six others detained

Police arrested the southern Cameroon national council, SCNC, national communication officer, Ngewih and six others on March 14th at about 10:30 am. They are currently languishing at the Bamenda central police district old town


What I think`

The anthem for the month of March was either Pope Benedict XVI or T.B Joshua prophet.


Ah! Whether Pope benedict or T.B, who cares!     

There is something which I noticed; all these men are anointed people of God, which signifies many more great wonders to Cameroon.


While T.B was prophesying, Pope Benedict was also cleansing the air.