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Published:May 8th, 2009 05:26 EST
Press Review On Cameroon Gossip

Press Review On Cameroon Gossip

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Press review on Cameroon gossip, April "09 issues.


Press review on Cameroon gossip is a rundown of monthly briefings from local journals nationwide. It focuses on burning issues within the nation, as well as other local info including "what I think`.


Cameroon vision 2035: re-branding Cameroon George Mwalimu

The Cameroon government through the ministry of economy, planning and regional development has published a 65-page lofty and laudable draft long term democratic development blueprints for Cameroon dubbed Cameroon vision 2035 "


Vision 2035 vindicates me of political treatise I wrote in: "the post newspaper ", Cameroon and CODESRIA bulletin Senegal in 2004 titled Cameroon`s democratic process " vision 2020 " for which I suffered administrative sanction. The underlying assumption of my political treaties was that multiparty had failed in Cameroon not necessary because it has proven to be a problematic model in Africa but primary because the political elite in Cameroon had been unable to provide a vision of future for Cameroonians and a realistic strategy for achieving it.


The fundamental question that my treatise sought to address was what will Cameroon look like in the year 2020? "


George Mwalimu recent book is on-line at "the power in writer-collected essays in democracy development and culture in Africa "


Limbe shipyard funds blocked

The African Development Bank, ADB, has suspended its financial contribution to Limbe shipyard project, the post has learnt.


The ADB programme officer for Cameroon and Central Africa Republic,  Tounkara Samba revealed the information to the post recently that it is due to the poor management of the project which caused the ADB to block finances to the institution.


The project kicked off sometime in 2003 with a lot of momentum. But since the former general manager, Zaccheu Forjindam was jailed in May 2008, on grounds of alleged embezzlement; works on the Limbe project became sloppy. Many had predicted that Forjindam displacement from the project would seriously affect the process of the shipyard project.


Delegate caution doctors against Tradi-practitioners

The Southwest Regional Delegate for Public Health, Dr. Chuwanga has cautioned medical doctors in Kumba against referring patients to Tradi-practitioners and churches.


Dr. Chuwanga was speaking recently during his maiden contact tour that took him to some State- private and mission hospitals in the Kumba Health District. He told the doctors that it was incumbent on them to save lives, reason being that they must work diligently in their various stations. He also castigated doctors who received money from patients when they could not diagnose the right illnesses and lamented that most doctors rather refer patients to Tradi-practitioners.


Chuwanga praised private hospitals for their efforts in saving lives in the region, as much as he doubted the competence of trainees in vocational training institutions and the outcome of their products


ELECAM Chairman announces massive recruitment

The Chairman, Dr. Fonkam made the declaration in Yaoundé on the 15th April, 2009 while briefing the journalists on the stakes of ELECAM`s first electoral board meeting that took place from April 14th/15th at the headquarters , Bastos neighborhood..


"Once we adopt our texts, we will recruit staff and appoint officials to man the structures`


No compensation for Mbanga Pongo crash victims?

Families of the victims of Mbanga Pongo plane crash may lose the right to ask for compensation, the post has learns.


The families may not claim compensation from Boeing Company if the government of Cameroon doesn`t publish the report of the accident before May 5th.


According to the international aviation convention, the victims` families have only two years; starting from the date of the crash, to sue the aircraft company for compensation.: Barrister John Fru, lawyer for some of the victims told the post in the telephone chat on April 13, that if the government fails to publish the report before 5th may, the victims will have no right to sue the Beoing company and the general electronics jointly and severally.



Woman confesses she has infected 4.640 men with HIV/AIDs

An angry Lagos lady is on an evil mission: to infect as many men as possible with HIV, Sandra told the Saturday sun press that she embarked on the deadly mission three years ago after a bitter experience in the hands of armed robbers. According to her, she has become more or less, nymphomania, sleeping with men so as to spread HIV mainly, and to eke out a living.


Going by her account, Sandra may have had sex with 4.640 men, including two soldiers who brutally raped her and other girls recently. The 21 year old indigene of Wari, Delta state, told Saturday sun press that she decided to spread HIV because she wanted to pay back.


Explaining that she had hate men with passion since she was raped at 17. and again, her only sibling who was like her, who was stood by her like father/mother ".promising her all and giving her hope, and was ready to do his best to see that she completes her universities studies in Delta University died in a car accident, 2 years after. This was a very ugly experience for Sandra, she wondered why the world was too cruel for her and thus couldn`t support it alone any longer "the more reason she swore to revenge to all men ".after all, what`s left for her?


Did communication minister steal state funds?

The police are investigating allegations that communication minister, Jean-Pierre Biyitti Bi Essam, have hidden a huge sum of money from the circa fcfa 800 million the Presidency gave for coverage of the pope`s visit in March. Though the minister denied all allegations but had instead shared the money with Cameroon tribune, CRTV and other cable distributors, while reliable sources are insisting that Biyitti fed his SCBC bank account with fcfa 130 million. In an interview granted by spectrum television, STV, the minister admitted that the money was in his account but said he was just keeping it and had had no intention of owning it.




                                                     What I think "

I like to inform you that the articles presented on Cameroon gossips are solely local press reviews and if by any means, the press had published out information which isn`t correct--------I am not to be blame, and more over, I will not tolerate suppression of our truths, our ideas, our freedoms, or our work.
I stand together to support others in the expression of truths and freedom to speak out... no matter how radical those ideas may seem " (

On behalf of my friend, Raymond Ablorh: I am honor to share one of his marvelous writings---in regard to a comment I made on one of his publication:


Thank you for your comment to my article, my dear. All our beautiful talents are draining into uselessness due to lack of proper planning. Most African countries operate ad-hoc youth programmes instead of pragmatic youth policies and programmes. A proper youth policy and plan obviously would direct the state on all aspects of youth development areas: youth in agriculture; youth in Music and entertainment; youth in formal education/ informal sector; youth in sports; youth employment issues; youth and crime; youth and governance, and all you can think of. Unfortunately, we have leaders who care less. On special occasions, they deliver beautiful speeches in which, they call us all sorts of names, from future leaders to tomorrow leaders, but, they show no real commitment towards youth development. They only take advantage of our ignorance, innocence, and poor conditions and misuse our strength to fight their perceived enemies.

Unfortunately, most of the NGOs which claim they are working towards youth development in actual fact are doing less than they claim they are doing. Only God knows where funding bodies are putting their monies.

Meanwhile, Corporate Sponsorships in most part of Africa are directed at beauty contests and other entertainment programes from which these companies know they could get their monies back. Social responsibility is virtually out.
The Media which should highlight youth development issues are also concentrated with unhealthy political issues which only bring wars and civil conflicts. And the youth themselves, perhaps, due to lack of direction and supervision are blinding learning the American gangsters` lifestyle. Go to the remotest village in Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Uganda and see how everybody wants to become like the American rap artist. As if that is all what life is about. The youth have no confidence in themselves. Those who even have the benefit of education come out of our education systems only schooled but not educated. I have a solution. It`s simple but very difficult to practice, but, I know it`s the most efficacious remedy to our problems. The youth has the biggest population in almost every part of the world; we thus are the greatest agents of change. Look at how simple American youth changed the political arrangement there. They forgot about the vicious racism which blinded their fathers and mothers for many years and considered nothing, but the youth`s interests. Can`t we do this in Africa? How long would we take small monies from politicians and fight for them against our very future. How long would we stand in the name of tribe and kill our fellow youth instead of poverty and disease. Those who are lucky to have received some amount of education must prove to the illiterates and uneducated the essence of education not by stealing from them, but, by solving problems they think cannot be solved. Our generation must provide our many unanswered socio-economic and political questions. Yes, we can. You can visit


For more information on me and my community project.