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Published:September 5th, 2009 15:31 EST
America's A Great Place! A Foreigner's Perspective.

America's A Great Place! A Foreigner's Perspective.

By Yasmin Esack

I don`t live in the US but it feels like I do. America`s a really great country. Again I want to thank Judth Piazza and the SOP for this chance to air my views. Where else can you find great people like the SOP, iUniverse, and others who are giving unknown authors a fair chance in a crowded book market? They all do their best in a friendly and professional manner to get people ahead in their careers and aspirations. America is the world center of opportunity, something Americans can be really proud of. I guess you already know that but I felt I had to say it again. You know I have a company in Venezuela and I tell you it`s a nightmare- I`m really catching my assets.The place is getting more like Cuba everyday.

We, as foreigners, have a lot to thank the US for and we should say so openly and more often. So, once again thanks to all you wonderful people.