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Published:June 15th, 2008 19:24 EST
A Canadian Joke

A Canadian Joke

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Four hunters rent a plane to spend their week-end, on an island far north. The pilot warns them only one deer is allowed  on the plane, but they may take a total of  eight geese. He leaves them on the island and promises to return to pick them up, on Sunday evening.

Sunday at 6 p.m., the plane shows up in the sky, lands on the short landing strip, but, to the surprise of the pilot, hunters have two deers with them.

- "No" he says. "I told you only one deer! Plane won`t carry more."

- "C`mon, take this one too." the hunters plea. "We`ll give you hundred bucks more."

- "Nope." the pilot refuses determined.

- "It is a pity. It was very hard to hunt these. Last year, the pilot said the same thing, we gave him little extra and he accepted" the hunters insist.

Seeing hundred bucks extra lies in the stake, pilot consents. "O.K. load them up!"

After the take off, plane can`t lift itself and crushes on the tree tops, all hanging from the

tree branches, slightly injured.

-"What are we gonna do now, eh?" the pilot reprimands shouting. "Didn`t I tell you, plane won`t lift with two deers?"

- "Don`t worry says one of the hunters," hanging upside down, " see that faint light over there? It`s about three hundred yards from here. We walk up there. There is a house  there with phone. An old guy lives there. We call an ambulance helicopter  from there and make it to the nearest hospital."

- "How do you know all that? " shouts the pilot , climbing down the tree.

- "We crushed at the same place, last year" explains the hunter.