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Published:June 17th, 2008 12:20 EST
 A Band Of Angels Welcomed Him, An Attorney

A Band Of Angels Welcomed Him, An Attorney

By SOP newswire2

Alfred, an attorney-at-law, died at the age of 87. A band of angels welcomed him in the other world. The head angel tapped on Alfred`s shoulder and said : "Alfred, we prepared a special party for you, because you are so special. You lived for 250 years. No one lives up to this age, these days, you know. So, you deserved this very special party."

 A band of angels

"250 years? You`re kidding !" Alfred said. " I was 87 when I died."

"87 ?" murmured the head angel. "When I talked with the angel on earth, I was told 250 !

Let me check what happened."

The head-angel called the angel on earth and inquired.

The angel on earth replied:

" Did you ask us about his age? There`s so much disturbance in the tele-communications round here. We must have misunderstood you. We thought you asked his wage. He is a lawyer making 250 per hour."