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Published:October 11th, 2009 19:09 EST
Two Elephant Jokes

Two Elephant Jokes

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

A mouse is on the flee from a cat. He meets an elephant. "Oh my dear elephant" he begs, "a cat is after me, can you please help me? "

The elephant takes a look at the frightened mouse, feels pity and says: "OK, get behind me, I`ll defecate on you and this way the cat cannot see you and you will be saved."

The mouse does as told, gets behind the elephant and the elephant does his thing on him.

But, the mouse`s tail still shows itself up a little and the cat recognizes the mouse from his tails and eats him up.

The elephant sadly comments: Oh my dear. If you get into any sh*t, you should get in all the way."


Note from Askin Ozcan: This story has no connection to any politics, economics, zoology, international relations, Washington D.C. or Moscow or Afghanistan. It is only a story between a mouse and an elephant.


A flea climbs up the leg of an elephant and begs him to let him ride on him.

"You are such a big animal, let me have a free ride on you, I am so tired" he says.

"OK" says the elephant. "Get on me."

Jumping around with joy, the flea gets to the elephant`s back side by mistake.

Right at that moment, the elephant does his thing on him and the flea falls down and starts screaming: "You nasty you! Couldn`t you be more careful? You did your thing right on my eye! I can`t see anything."