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Published:November 17th, 2005 12:00 EST
Real World Tactics,

Real World Tactics,

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

The difference between just the right speaker and just any speaker is the difference between the success and failure of your next event. For an expert presentation that's as bottom-line effective as it is motivational and entertaining, you need a respected authority, a cutting-edge expert and an unforgettable speaker. Why settle for just motivational speakers?


Why This Speaker?  Far More than Motivation, True Expertise

    Today's Librarian named his book, Filling the Glass: The Skeptic's Guide to Positive Thinking in Business, "[one of] The Seven Essential Popular Business Books" along with classics like Getting to Yes, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Guerrilla Marketing. For executives, managers, entrepreneurs, salespeople, employees of all types, the strategies of Filling the Glass are "strategies that can work for all of us in business—and even in life."

    You've heard Barry Maher on national radio and TV. You've read about him and his expertise in more than 200 publications in the United States and around the world: from The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The Los Angeles Times and Success to virtually every publication aimed at the meeting industry.

    There's a reason.

    Barry Maher is an expert in his field, a consultant, an author and a speaker whose results show up on the bottom line, maximizing both productivity and career satisfaction.

Real World Tactics, Reality-Based Motivation: Why Settle for Just Motivational Speakers?

"Packed with useful, practical advice. . . entertaining and frequently laugh out loud funny."
    —Jerry Colangelo, CEO Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks

And Speaking of Motivation . . .

“Uplifting, enlightening and inspiring . . . I’d [make it required] for any MBA program . . . brimming with insights.
    —Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerrilla Marketing series

More Testimonials

Books & CDs including Filling the Glass, "[One of] The Seven Essential Popular Business Books" according to Today's Librarian magazine.

    Barry Maher & Associates has worked with many of the world's most successful organizations, including ABC/Capital Cities, the American Bar Association, the American Management Association, the American Marketing Association, AOL/Time Warner, BellSouth, Blue Cross and Budget Rent a Car—to name just a very few at the beginning of the alphabet. 

    Maybe there's a reason.

     And when it comes to addressing salespeople, as Selling Power magazine said, "To his powerful and famous clients, Barry Maher is simply the best sales trainer in the business." 

      Why settle for just motivational speakers?


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