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Published:February 5th, 2006 14:19 EST
People Powered News Network Launched by Care2

People Powered News Network Launched by Care2

By Alan Gray

A revolutionary "Care2 News Network" turns the top-down model of traditional news media on its head and puts editorial control in the hands of Care2's 5 million members. Civic-minded participants post online news stories and can vote to determine which issues get front page coverage.

"Many Americans believe big media does not pay enough attention to important stories on human rights, the environment or progressive politics," observed Randy Paynter, Care2's Founder and CEO. "The Care2 News Network addresses that need by giving the power to our members to decide which stories make the front page for maximum reach and influence with Care2's millions of news-hungry members."

The Care2 News Network goes beyond other "web 2.0" news aggregators such as,, and to focus exclusively on issues of importance to progressives - for which the people-powered news distribution model is uniquely suited - while integrating with Care2's large existing social network.

"In the old media the 'news network' consists of controlled subsidiaries and syndicates. For Care2, the 'news network' is you, your friends, and other leading progressive thinkers on Care2," Paynter noted. Members of Care2's online community are able to view stories submitted and recommend by their friends, or see what the entire Care2 Network believes is most noteworthy.

The news service is the latest extension to the existing "Care2 Share" social media platform, which enables anyone to publish and share their own blogs, recipes, polls, photos and other interesting content.


Care2 empowers people to make a difference with every visit to by providing news, social networking, healthy living solutions, free click to donate sites, online petitions, activist opportunities, eco-shopping and free member services such as email and e-cards for its 5 million members.


Care2 supports the efforts of more than 150 leading nonprofit organizations such as Defenders of Wildlife, The Humane Society, Amnesty International, Women's Funding Network, Children International, Consumers Union, MercyCorps and the Union of Concerned Scientists. Care2's affiliated site,, has hundreds of petitions supporting a wide range of environmental and progressive issues.